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Main working principles of a reverse osmosis water purification system

Every doctor or any health professional would agree on one point that staying hydrated is the key to being healthy. Our body requires almost three to four litres of drinking water to maintain the moisture content of the body. Apart from preventing dehydration, water plays many other crucial roles in our physiological system. Water helps to regulate the temperature of the body and assists in flushing out the wastes from the body. Water takes up a significant role in body metabolism too. So, these show the vital role of water in our bodies. But water can be fatal for us if untreated or non-potable water is consumed. So, purified water is the actual ingredient to stay hydrated and healthy.

Types of contaminants present in water

Nowadays, due to modern globalization, industries have been flourished in all the ways, and so did pollution. All the wastes from industries emerge into the nearby river or any water bodies resulting in severe water pollution. Several pollutants contaminate the water and make it not drinkable. Many heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia etc. can be present in the water. Increased and uncontrollable use of pesticides and herbicides can in farming fields also cause water pollution. There can be numerous naturally occurring germs and living microbes in your drinking water too.

So, the harmful materials can be eradicated from water by the use of water purifies. The modern technology that has blessed water purifiers to be working smoothly and causing no side effects are described below:

Reverse osmosis technology

The RO technology or reverse osmosis technology is the fundamental technology that has been used in water purifier systems over the past years. The reverse osmosis filter system is meant to be working for separating the toxic material from the water to make it potable. Reverse osmosis filter is used to enforce the water against a semi-permeable membrane with delicate pores. The water is passed through the membrane, and it traps all the toxic material present in the water. The drinkable water is collected from the holding tank. The reverse osmosis water filtration system has been evolved with time and has come up with modern improvisations. The newly modified RO system can be divided into two types, including RO UF technology and RO UV technology. The RO UF technology uses a partially permeable membrane with bigger pores that of reverse osmosis water filtration. Here the filtration technology is used in some problematic ways. The RO UV technology is comprised of a UV ray emitting light. As we all know, UV ray has the far most capability of killing germs and microbes; the same principle goes in the case of water purifiers too. The UV rays seem to be the most efficient one in killing microbes and make the water drinkable. It has been seen that almost 99.99% microbes from the water.

There are a few pros and cons of using reverse osmosis filtration in the water purifier system. They are discussed below:


An advantage in removing impurities: RO system is capable of eliminating all the toxic material from the water including nitrates, pesticides, sulphates, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, arsenic and much more efficiently. Carbon filter present in an RO system plays a significant role in the process of removing chlorine and chloramines.

A taste improver: the RO system is capable of balancing the pH and thus maintaining the taste of the water. As the contaminants are removed properly with the help of the system, the odd taste and unpleasant odour both can be controlled.

Simple handling and maintenance: The simple handling of the RO system is also a significant advantage that has made the system user-friendly. The maintenance and servicing procedure are also easy to maintain. The whole system consists of several removable or movable parts that help to set the entire system smoothly.

Saves money:  The one-time investment in purchasing an RO system water purifier can save you lots of money. The bottled purified water or purified water delivery companies charge you a lot more.


There are no as such significant drawbacks of using an RO system. The only drawback that it shows is the filter present in the RO system absorbs all the beneficial nutrients that are not desirable for us. It hinders the consumption of beneficial minerals for our body, including calcium, magnesium etc. Incorporating them in the diet wisely can solve the issue.

There are several reverse osmosis filtration systems available in the market with great reviews from satisfied customers. Here some of them are mentioned below for better understanding:

  • APEC Top Tier Ultra Safe
  • iSpring RCC7 5-Stage RO System
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
  • Hydro-Logic 31035 100-GPD
  • EcoPure ECOP30

Each of them possesses excellent efficiency in purifying water with the greatest RO technology

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