Livpure Water Purifier: To Get Healthiest Drinking Water To Purest


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The logo of Livpure is 100% RO protection. We aim to provide our customers with safe drinking water. With the installation of Livpure water purifier in your premises, you can quickly ascertain the quality level of tap water, and then you are just one step ahead to safe drinking water.

Livpure Complaint Number

  • Maintains healthy body weight.

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Prevention of waterborne diseases

  • Proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from food

  • Eliminates the toxins from your body, boosting immunity.

Livpure Complaint

It assures an experience of pure water, and thus Livpure has a wide range of water purifier based on different needs and requirements. For example, it’s Reverse Osmosis is the most widely accepted technology to give you pure drinking water. Likewise, it has different ranges of water purifier based on different pricing according to the working style of water purifier. At the time you may suffer from nonfunctioning of your water purifier. It can be a technical issue then you can register your water purifier related problems at Livpure water purifier complaints department. The Livpure complaints department will look upon the matter and will take a fast course of action to rectify the error.

Livpure Customer Care Complaints

Another excellent service provided by Livpure is a free home demo for water testing where the customer needs to fill up the form of free demo form then our trained representatives will get in touch with the customers and will give you a free demo. In this, they tell about all the necessary precaution, all the dos and don’ts that a customer should keep in mind while using the water purifier.

For the knowledge of our customers, we inform you that authorized Service engineers install all Livpure RO water purifier. The customer needs to submit the installation request form and rest our LIVPURE management will see and resolve the issue while our gravity water purifiers are ready to use products and don't need any installation form to be filled up.

In case the customer is facing any trouble, then they are always welcomed to register their complaint regarding water purifier at Livpure complaints section. Our management is quite fast in and switches to working mode even when the complaints are having minute trouble. LIVPURE customer complaints department has a team of experienced personnel who patiently listen to your problem and advises you thereupon only and in case the issue is severe, they contact their professionals about the same.

Recently Livpure has launched an email exclusively for registration of complaints. So now customers can easily register their complaint at Livpure RO online complaints email id. This saves a lot of time of customers.

After the customer has registered his complaint at Livpure customer care complaints email id, then the Livpure professional will examine the complaint and study what rectification does it need. Then the trained professionals will reach out to the customers. These Livpure professionals are trained and are provided with original id cards and membership card. You need to check the ID of the person claiming to be the personnel of Livpure. After being satisfied with the credibility of the person standing at your door allow him to rectify the concerned issue.

Livpure Water Purifier Complaints

In case you have registered your complaint at Livpure online complaints section and have also tried several times on Livpure RO complaints number, and your problem is not getting solved then you may go for the option of “ Escalate Your Request." In this, you need to complete the form to escalate your request, and soon the Livpure representatives will get in touch with you.

We believe in the motto that an informed customer is a happy customer. We at Livpure try to solve the queries of our customers and solve them. For this, we have provided and made a separate setup for complaints of our customers in which we have provided customers with Livpure complaints email. Even you can register your complaint at Livpure customer care complaint department where your problems will be listened diligently and then solved upon.

In case of any breakdown and registered complain then our trained representatives will visit you. There shall be no service visit charge during the warranty period.

You can always call upon the Livpure customer online support number for Livpure RO installation & service or any problem faced by you. You can visit our Livpure “service Request Link” on the Livpure website, or you have the option of writing us on Livpure email id.

After you have registered your complaint to us whether by Livpure complaint email or by Livpure RO complaints number then be just relaxed and assured. Our trained representatives will reach out to you, giving you every needed assistance you need regarding the Livpure water purifier.

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