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Kent RO Service Center Number 9266889940 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Vadodara

Kent RO Service Center Number 9266889940 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Vadodara

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How Has Reverse Osmosis boosted our Water Purification endeavors?

How do you purify water at home for drinking and cooking purpose? There are many answers to the above question. No matter whatever method it takes; pure drinking water is one of the necessities for everyone across the globe. Explained by Kent service, the challenge to ensure continuous purification of water was very pestering until the advent of reverse osmosis technology. As per old methods, the water was purified via muslin cloth filter and then boiled for around 15 minutes. This way the water was made safe for drinking purpose and cooking. But still, the episodes of diseases and epidemics were not controlled due to many increasing threat reasons like industrialization, growing populations along river banks and other regions where sources of water are present. All these issues gave rise to the pollution of water and environment because of an untreated waste of factories and improper disposal of garbage and sewage. Even in villages, the water gets polluted through several means. Later on, many rules and regulations came in to control the pollution levels, and several broad methods were taken. But, still, even now we are facing the results of pollutions.

As per the history of RO explained by Kent RO service center people we found that with the ongoing research and technology in the year 1748 Jean – Antoine Nollet observed the process of osmosis through the semi-permeable membrane. Later on, the process of desalination of water using semi-permeable membrane was investigated by the University of California at Los Angeles in the year 1950. In the mid of 1950, fresh water was successfully produced from seawater through this process, but due to less flux, this process was unsuccessful for commercial use. After a long period, it was discovered that membranes of high flux and low salt passage could be designed by the help of interfacial polymerization of m-phenylenediamine and trimesoyl chloride. This membrane design was made and patented by John Cadotte, which later on expired. This technology causes almost all reverse osmosis membranes. This method enabled to follow the desalination process, and around 15,200 desalination plants were built including some under planning stages by the end of the year 2001 across the globe.

By using the RO process on a bigger scale in the year 1977 a town in Florida, the US named Cape Coral managed their municipal body to produce 56.8 million liters of pure water in a day. It was the first municipal body worldwide which had large plants of low-pressure reverse osmosis. Since then, this technology got more and more advanced. Several developed countries already have such water treatment plants for public and commercial uses.

How is water purified via Reverse osmosis?

The Kent water purifier service agency experts explained that RO is a process of passing a solution with water through a semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction of the flow applying a pressure to overcome osmotic pressure. In this process, the resolution of high concentration is moved towards a low level using a different osmotic pressure. This is the most suitable and convenient method of water purification also the most trusted one. 

The advantages of reverse osmosis method of purification explained by Kent RO service professionals can be enlisted as follows:

  • The units of RO are very portable. It can be used on the broader spectrum like commercial purpose and then the smaller groups at the individual level.

  • It's used for removal of heavy minerals, salts, and other effluents, everything alike.

  • It can be paired with another filtration process to achieve purer and fresh drinking water ensuring the presence of necessary minerals and removal of cumulative waste from water.

  • It can lower the TDS in water to a great extent; hence it’s beneficial in areas of water sources from the ground like bore wells.

  • The process even enables to remove viruses, bacteria and specific type of cyst microscopic in size.

  • The sale assistant at Kent water purifier service center; also highlighted on straightforward installation and minimum maintenance.

  • The methods avoid the cost of fuel required boiling methods, and it's entirely dependent on electric energy. Hence, there are also options for renewable energy sources like solar energy.

  • Protection from dangerous diseases and damages caused by polluted and higher TDS value water and ensures the health wellbeing reducing lower medical cost.

  • It's available in a variety of form of devices tailored to the water condition of the surrounding and can be fitted anywhere.

  • These days designer RO are made as per the trend of modular kitchen fittings. It makes more convenience to use on day to day basis mentioned by the Kent customer service provider.  

There are minimal disadvantages of reverse osmosis process; as with multi filtration technology, those limitations are overcome. Earlier, prices of reverse osmosis purifiers were very high making it affordable for masses especially in the developing countries. Now the Kent service center have the options of devices with the affordable price range. 

Limitations such as the need for continuous running water for RO devices are also tackled by providing storage tanks in the machine. Hence, lots of people across the world installed RO purifier device at their home for clean and safe water usage.


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