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Kent RO Service Center Number 9266889940 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Ludhiana

Kent RO Service Center Number 9266889940 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Ludhiana

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What is the issue with your purifier?

Have you purchased your water purifier? Is it from Kent? Kent is a trusted brand when it comes to health purifiers be it in water purifier or air purifier. The team has availability of Kent purifier service. It does not matter if you have purchased your purifier from an offline registered vendor’s shop or an online portal. All matters to the team of Kent is that you are their customers and they are available to serve you.

Kent Ro service center Ludhiana are available on a broader scale irrespective of your topographical existence. These are the after sale helpline. You can get their assistance in-

Installation services- After our purchase where the local vendors charge for the installation, get your free installation from Kent water purifier service center Ludhiana.

Servicing- Within warranty period maintaining are free whereas after the warranty period charges are applicable for keeping. There involve repair as well as a replacement.

How to call Kent service center?

The calling to a service center is hassle-free. You can either reach out to the Kent customer service through customer care helpline number or toll free number Ludhiana. Both figures are provided to you during the purchase. While calling the following information should be available with you-

  1. Your purchase date along with your model number.
  2. If it’s your first servicing that is not an issue, but if it’s not your first servicing your last servicing date.
  3. Name and number registered with the Kent water purifier service Ludhiana.
  4. You address detail and your expected availability time.

Kent Ro service Ludhiana provides a warranty period of 1 year. You can extend your warranty period. Do you wish to have an annual plan for servicing? You can get the AMC plan from the official portal of Kent. The best way to take benefit from Kent is in the aspect of after sale services, wherein they provide service at your doorstep. 

Various Kent water purifier service

There are different working principles for water purifier. But for Kent, they provide water purifiers with

  1. UV and gravity water purifiers-  These purifiers require a capacity of 11 watts. These purifiers remove bacteria through the UF membrane. And the water stored is pure and healthy. These purifiers were prominent earlier, but now the popular ones are Kent RO purifiers.
  2. Kent Ro water purifiers- These purify water through multiple processes. The TDS controller in the purifier sees to it that the necessary minerals are there in the water. Their purifiers have RO+UV+UF+TDS technology to provide you with healthy drinking water.

So which one is your purifier? For any of the purifiers, you can get assistance from Kent service Ludhiana.

Applicable charges for Kent water purifier service-

Each purifier has its service tenure. After a particular time, the parts require servicing. The filter membrane needs maintaining often. The problem with your purifier will help you analyze the servicing details. The details about the spare parts are available on the official website of Kent. You can ensure the charges if your Kent water purifier service center Ludhiana is asking for more.

It is always better to avail services from the registered service center of Kent as the accessories provided will be of good quality and you can avail online assistance for your queries.

Benefits of taking Kent purifier service

With a trusted brand you get-

  1. Quality products with detailed information about the product.
  2. Availability of service center on a large scale and external assistance 24*7
  3. A list of certified product where the risk of forgery is minimized
  4. Trust you can rely on.
  5. A complaint desk where you can register your issues.

So when are you going to purchase your purifier? Have any issues relating to your purifier, and you don't know what to do write down to us, and we will help you with your confusion. For the rest enjoy your healthy drinking water.

 It is always good to know your service provider better and your rights.


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