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Kent RO Customer Care Number 9266779917 for Water Purifier Customer in Jaipur

Kent RO Customer Care Number 9266779917 for Water Purifier Customer in Jaipur

How are Water Purifiers our best ammunition in the war against waterborne diseases?

Nowadays, people in urban and rural areas alike are complaining about water oriented health issues they suffer every month. The medical experts advise them and aid with medical assistance, and even then the problem seems to be getting worse. People believe it to be the result of pollution and blame helplessly; without also having a broader perspective of checking the symptoms, causes, preventive measures which can be taken. These are a slow form of epidemics engulfing the masses. If we ask the health experts or give a call at Kent ro customer care number the experts provided an overview of these symptoms and causes, pointing out the fact that lack of potable water is the primary cause of this:

  1. First one is most common, known as diarrhea and vomiting due to the polluted water in that particular area. The reason can be Cryptosporidiosis, a disease caused by protozoan parasites.

  2. E-coli infection is one of the most encountered issues by health specialist in developing countries and under developing countries. Several strains of such bacteria can cause serious illness by producing toxins which lead to damage of intestine walls and even kidneys. The cost can be even hemorrhagic as well.

  3. From the past two decades, Giardiasis is one of the common diarrheal illness among the population. The disease is caused by microscopic protozoan parasites that live in the intestine of the human body and animals. Again the reason is contaminated drinking water. 

  4. Shigellosis a disease caused by Shigella bacteria found in water contaminated due to poor sanitation and untreated disposal of waste and feces of humans, even apparent in the countries like the United States. The person suffers from diarrhea (often with blood), vomiting, fever, cramps in the abdomen.

  5. Typhoid is another bacterial infection which even gets fatal if not treated in 25% of cases. The symptoms include fever, gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal pain, severe headache, and weight loss. Some also develop red rashes on the skin. Around 21.5 million people in the world contract typhoid every year. One of the causes is eating of vegetables and fruits washed with contaminated water.

  6. Hepatitis is a viral infection with symptoms such as jaundice, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting followed by acute liver damage even causing death.

  7. A bacterial infection of the small intestine known as Cholera with symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, rapid dehydration, nausea, and abdominal cramps is again caused by polluted drinking water and hygiene.

The experts at kent customer care suggested that the above statistics only concludes that all these illnesses have a prime common cause and that is - contaminated or polluted water. Just due to dirty water the masses are so severely affected. Many measures are taken by local governing bodies and health authorities at global, national and local levels to control the pollution; still, the efforts are not met to achieve the goal of preventing health hazards. Our role as a single soldier in this battle to avoiding such types of diseases can be set by small at the individual level. Hence, kent ro customer care people point out the need to install a water purifier at every home. This dramatically helps to prevent such types of severe diseases and giving a better immunity. 

No health expert can deny the importance of water purifier. Water purifiers are installed at several places like hospital, transport locations like airports, railway station. Even recreational places like shopping malls and theaters have installed water purifier for their patrons. The Kent water purifier customer care team point out that such measures will be wasted if we can’t drink pure water at our own home.

If we wonder the benefits of pure drinking water at our homes, we can list its several of health advantages like:

  • Prevention of many waterborne diseases.

  • Wastage of money spent on water-related health issues.

  • Better immunity of the family.

  • Improving the community health

  • Avoiding the long term chronic illnesses like kidney diseases.

  • Prevention from intake of toxic chemicals which are released in water bodies by factories and city waste disposal systems.

  • It is boosting organ health by proper hydration with pure, clean water.

  • Pure water is much better to taste.

There are quite a few types of water purifiers available in markets. Making a call at Kent ro customer care no anyone can check as per their budget and water quality in their city, town or village. The purifier's not only prevented water from disease-causing microbes, but they also decrease the TDS value in water.  Water with higher TDS value affects our kidney and other organs a lot. Hence purifier's helps to keep the TDS value in control levels. 

The purifiers come with different types of filters. To know more, we can take assistance calling at kent ro toll free number. After getting details regarding the process of purification, we can ensure how beneficial it can prove it at an individual level.

Drinking safe and pure water is one of the most basic living needs. We can take lots of measures to avoid pollution in our future generation. But we cannot forget to protect our family from the impacts of infection right now. Hence, taking proper precautions is only the solution at this period.


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