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Kent RO Customer Care Number 9266779917 for Water Purifier Customer Service in Chennai

Kent RO Customer Care Number 9266779917 for Water Purifier Customer Service in Chennai

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Comprehending Water Quality parameters to make a sound choice of Water Purifier

While looking for a water purifier, we often check the purifiers with reverse osmosis technology. They are the most trusted one among the masses when it comes to purification of impure water. The sales expert at Kent ro customer care explained that nowadays the RO devices are available with multi filtration technology. This ensures the safety of water in a better way within the benchmark of fresh drinking water. Purifiers have devices with UF+RO+UV process of operation. They also highlighted the fact that the water quality of an area is often measured with TDS meter. We often come across this term, TDS, while checking for a purifier. So, this question arises that TDS controller is essential for a water purifier or not?

Exploring more about this term, TDS, kent customer care service team explains that the TDS controller in water purifier helps the device to ensure only passage of essential minerals required under permissible limits during purification of water through reverse osmosis process. The term TDS means Total Dissolved Solids in water. The dissolved solids could be combined contents of an organic and inorganic substance which can be present in many forms such as liquid, molecular or colloidal (suspended micro-granules). The impurities in water can be measured concerning TDS level. The TDS value depends upon many factors, but usually, this value for fresh water is 500 ppm, blackish water is 500-30,000 ppm, and saline water is 30,000-40,000 ppm.

The factor TDS only comes when fresh water is expected ideal for drinking purposes. The average TDS value in drinking water less than 300 milligrams per liter is considered to be excellent whereas above 900 milligrams per liter is poor. The shallow concentration of TDS gives water a plain taste which might be not palatable for drinking for many people. Hence, a TDS controller is essential in purifier as per kent water purifier customer care team, which allows only essential minerals and not undesired ones.

There are many sources of dissolved solids in water. They consist of runoff components of agricultural and residential areas, mountain water rich in clay, contaminated soil with pesticides, smelly discharge from industrial and sewage treatment plants. The most harmful component present could be the pesticides. Other conventional components are chemical constituents like calcium, nitrates, potassium, chlorides, and phosphates. These dissolved solids could pass through a sieve of size two- micrometer pores filter. Many of these suspended solids cause waterborne diseases like dysentery, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, stomach problems and can put harmful effects on our vital organs like kidney, liver, and intestine. To prevent from such types of damages TDS Controller is essential. To seek more information about the purifier we can acquaint ourselves with the experts available at kent customer care number.

The TDS value in water can be measured by a TDS meter which acts on the principle of the conductivity of dissolved components, which are ionized salts if the concentration of iodized salt is more the electric conductivity increases. TDS meter provides the approximate value. The more accurate method is by gravimetric analysis in which the liquid or the solvent is evaporated leaving behind the residues of the mass which is measured.  Generally, TDS meter is used to measure as the other method is more time-consuming. So we check the water quality calling at kent ro toll free number, as they provide details about the water quality and type of purifier to be selected.

Further, discussing a case study of agriculturally heavy producing northern states of Punjab and Haryana in India; the water streams along the sides of villages were found teeming with fluoride, mercury, beta- endosulphan and heptachlor pesticides beyond the permissible limit. This caused contamination of ground and tap water in those areas. The land and tap water showed a higher concentration of chemical and biochemical oxygen demand termed as COD and BOD with other chemicals like arsenic, chloride, ammonia, phosphate chromium and chlorpyrifos pesticides. They also consist of lead, nickel, and selenium in very high concentration.

The situation during floods in monsoons even gets worse in India. The water flow carries all the solid waste from the ground and roads along with other contaminants from the soil into the water bodies. Thus, drinking such water during monsoon gets even riskier. Installation of water purifier can be done giving a call at Kent ro customer care no to take precautions from diseases and epidemic.

To deal with such pollution on an individual basis, it's essential to find a permanent solution for having access to pure water. The municipal bodies at many places are taking many measures to provide fresh drinking water to the public. But, due to elevated pollution level, these measures are still falling short and causing several health hazards.  Understanding of TDS levels and then using an ideal TDS controller helps to a great extent to achieve water free from any heavy metals, pesticides, pathogenic organisms, and other hazardous chemicals. Before installing a water purifier, we can give a call at Kent ro customer care number to seek more information about devices having TDS controller.


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