BRITA Water Purifier AMC


BRITA Water Purifier AMC

  • RO Routine Service
    RO Routine Service
    • Cleaning of Machine and Filters
    • Complete Water Purifier Checkup
    • Water Quality Test (TDS)
    • Filter / Spare Parts Rate applicable as per rate card
    Rs. 399/-
  • RO Repair Service
    RO Repair Service
    • Price include visit & diagnosis charges
    • Spare part rate applicable as per rate card
    • Chip, control box repair charge applicable extra
    • Water Quality Test (TDS)
    Rs. 399/-
  • RO Installation
    RO Installation
    • Include Fixing of water purifier stand on wall
    • Connect inlet water assembly to water purifier
    • Connect electricity supply to water purifier
    • Free Water Quality Test (TDS) every time
    Rs. 599/-
  • RO Uninstallation
    RO Uninstallation
    • Dismantle of water purifier from wall
    • Dismantle of inlet water assembly form water purifier
    • Disconnect electricity supply to water purifier
    • Packing water purifier at place
    Rs. 599/-

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Investing in a Comprehensive BRITA RO AMC Plan

What is the need for BRITA RO AMC plans for a water purifier? Opting for an annual maintenance contract keeps away from sudden expenditure. It proves to be a wise decision when the purifier runs longer, demanding less maintenance.

With a suitable BRITA RO water purifier AMC, you can get a smooth supply of healthy water at home. A sudden technical problem with the purifier comes under the AMC plans that help saves effectively.

At RO Care India, we try to offer a seamless experience that we commit to our customers. It includes offering a warranty scheme with affordable BRITA RO AMC Cost. Trust our maintenance service to enjoy sure benefits from it and increase the durability of your purifier.

BRITA RO Water Purifier AMC Plan - Why to Buy It?

BRITA RO AMC Plans give RO service and protection with annual maintenance for a year. The contract is an agreement between RO Care India and the customer to offer high-quality service and timely check-ups. It includes corrective maintenance with free replacement of any faulty part of the purifier as per the contract.

It requires timely BRITA RO AMC renewal, without which you may not use its facilities and get timely service. It will resume the timely service and maintenance of the water purifier.

Some other benefits to get are:

  • On-time service at the doorstep
  • No need to schedule the maintenance service
  • Hassle-free service of a purifier after three months for a year
  • Repair or replacement of major consumables are covered under BRITA RO water purifier AMC Cost
  • An excellent guarantee for customer satisfaction
  • The BRITA RO AMC Plans are available across India

Excellent BRITA RO AMC Service at RO Care India

Be it installation, AMC, or BRITA RO AMC Renewal service, we offer suitable water purification services in pan India. Be it a water softener, purifier, or others, installation, AMC, and repair services are readily available from our experts at RO Care India.

If you aren't aware of BRITA RO AMC Charges, our specialists at RO Care India are here to guide you right. The AMC plan is a sign of trust for premium RO users across India. It includes exceptional installation, maintenance, and repair service under the plan for a year.


AMC PlansPriceServiceFiltersMembraneElectrical PartsFaulty Parts
AMC Plan 1999.00YesNoNoNoNo
AMC Plan 22450.00YesYesNoNoNo
AMC Plan 32800.00YesNoYesNoNo
AMC Plan 44000.00YesYesYesNoNo
AMC Plan 55000.00YesYesYesYesNo
AMC Plan 66000.00YesYesYesYesYes

Get Timely Service for a Year With AMC

Water should be pure for your family's good health and promotes safe living. This is what you can expect from a reliable RO supplier that promise to offer exceptional service. Check the details of BRITA RO AMC Charges with the supplier to know you get what you pay for.

There are several maintenance schemes for our users. Check the BRITA RO water purifier AMC cost that best suits your needs from RO Care India. Even if it costs more than normal, it includes expensive repair or replacement. It helps in the smooth functioning of the machine for a long time.

Invest in RO Care India AMC Plan

If you forget to do the timely AMC renewal, you have to pay more than the actual BRITA RO AMC cost. Book your renewal with us at RO Care India, where we offer a discount on the plans. It includes free repair, cleaning, and TDC checking of the purifier.

Our AMC service is a comprehensive one where our service engineers are readily available to offer suitable service. Be it repair or replacement of parts, we can guide you right without spending any extra money for the service.

So, our AMC plan is a genuine concern for our customers to help them save money. When looking for a plan, don't forget to reach us at 9268887770 for instant assistance and invest in the right option.

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