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Aquaguard Service Center Number 9278978988 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Chandigarh

Aquaguard Service Center Number 9278978988 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Chandigarh

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Tap Water Contamination You Need To Know About

People nowadays are very conscious of the fact that drinking water from natural water bodies directly would mean inviting danger. Industries are using the natural water bodies as their dumpsite and throwing all their wastes over there. Thus so many pollutants and chemical impurities are present that drinking it would mean inviting danger.

Therefore, now you understand why most of the households now use Aquaguard service centre to get pure and fresh drinking water. Again, many houses nowadays use taps to get drinking water and do all kinds of washing and cleaning.

But do you know what kinds of impurities and pollutants are present in tap water? Here are some points that would help you understand if the tap water you are using is good enough for you or not.

  • Teflon Chemicals: Industries which manufacture Teflon and products made out of it know how harmful for your well-being. You know that drinking purified water is essential so that your body functions properly and you do not face any problem with your daily routine.

Many research institutes say that if you use tap water which has a high quantity of Teflon impurity, then it may lead to health including reproductive problems. From problem in the ovary, fallopian tube to pregnancy problems, there are so many things that are waiting to happen if you do not take the rights step right away. Drinking purified water from Aquaguard service request water filter is essential to maintain your health.

  • Metallic Impurities: These are the most common types of impurities that are present in the water especially tap water. Lead is never naturally found in a water system until and unless it has been added readily. Most of the industries are responsible for adding their wastes which undoubtedly contain lead. It is best that before you start using tap water that you go for water testing.

This way you would be able to find out if the water you are thinking about using is safe or not. Aquaguard RO service centre water purifier provides you with water which is safe for drinking and is lead-free. Other metals that are present above the average level are magnesium, iron and other such minerals. Calcium and magnesium salts make the water hard. It becomes difficult to create lather with hard water. Sometimes you get hard water through the tap. But in the case of Aquaguard service centre number you get fresh and clean water. On top of that, it is purified water without any traces of metal of water hardening salts.  

  • Presence of Germs: This is an essential factor, and you should never try to avoid it. Natural water due to so much pollution contains other than impurities, germs, and bacteria. You know that most of the diseases that are caused due to water are caused by these bacteria and germs only. To avoid such a situation it is best if you use water that has been purified and then provided to you for drinking.

If you are immunocompromised, then you should be extra careful about your health. Usually, children and senior people whose immune system is weak should never take chances with the kind of water they are drinking. Purified water is a must for them. If not possible then they must boil the water and then drink it after cooling.

Aquaguard water purifier service water filters kill all these germs and bacteria and enrich your water with natural minerals. This makes the water more than safe for you to drink. 

  • Pharmaceutical Pollutants: Have you ever thought that the pills and the medicines that you sometimes have flushed through the toilet, where do they go? Pharmaceutical pollutants are now showing up on various water bodies. They are harmful and could be fatal as well.

Thus now you know that you need to dispose of off your medicines carefully so that they do not come back at you to harm you in any way. In fact, if you call your water reporter and check the levels and quality of water, you are sure to find traces of medicinal components in there.

But research institutes say that when compared to the way other pollutants are increasing in amount, pharmaceutical compounds are to be found in negligible or trace amounts.

Aquaguard service number provides the perfect solution when it comes to the annual maintenance of your water filter. It is important you look after and service your water filters at regular intervals. Otherwise, drinking from tap water may not benefit your health as well as your family’s.


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