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Aquaguard Customer Care Number, Tollfree Number – Rewari @ 9278978988

Aquaguard Customer Care Number, Tollfree Number – Rewari @ 9278978988

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Learn how to Look After your Water Filter Efficiently

Water us an integral part of our life and without it surviving would be an impossible thing. In the modern day, with the advent of technology, it has become impossible even to obtain natural water from different water bodies. Most of the industries dump their waste on the various natural water bodies. People use the water for multiple purposes from washing to bathing and other such things.

Just think about the millions of germs and impurities that are present in the water and how they could affect your health. This is the main reason why people purify their water and then drink it for safety purposes. Water filters through various processes provide you with pure and healthy drinking water. It ensures that your family stays healthy and that your life is never taken for granted.

The water filter is not wholly one unit. It is made of different filters and purification technology. It is a machine and is therefore bound to malfunction at some point in time. Thus it is essential that you regularly do maintenance of your Aquaguard service centre water filter so that you get to drink pure water every day. 

  • Change your Water Filters: Water filter are the essential component of any water purifier. They take the most significant responsibility of absorbing and eliminating all kinds of pollutants that are present there, and they provide you with purified water to drink. Checking the quality of the water input and seeing whether you have the right quality of water or not is essential.

Many water filters have this process or method by which they set a particular water purifying process by keeping mind the pin code of your location and what kind of quality of water enters your household. With time the amount of contaminants that are present in the water is absorbed in less way because the absorbing capacity of the filter gets reduced.

This thus gives you water which has not been purified 100% and also gives you bad odor. If you see that such signs are persisting with your Aquaguard service request water filter, it is high time that you change the water filter a soon as possible.

  • Regular Servicing: it is never like that that the amount of impurities present in water is the same throughout. Getting your water filter serviced at regular intervals is very important for you and your family’s well being. Aquaguard RO service centre gives your optimum level of pure water only when it is at its prime condition. When you do regular servicing, you are making sure that your water purifier would not go through any sudden malfunction due to neglecting. But it is a machine, and nothing can be promised. If you are going for a holiday or would be out for more than 48 hours make sure that the water inside the water filter is empty. Otherwise, the water would start tasting funny and would give odor as there would be no movement and would remain stagnant. Water that has not been used for an extended period is unfit for drinking.


  • Stop Ignoring Leaks: If you ever see that there are leaks or water is dripping, then you should immediately contact a mechanic. Scheduling a maintenance check-up at this time is very important. You cannot figure out why water is dripping from a particular part of the filter. It could be because there is internal leakage or maybe some pipe has not been fitted correctly and has come loose. Aquaguard service centre number technician would be able to help you find the problem regarding why your water filter is malfunctioning.


  • RO Membrane: One of the most modern technologies that are now used in various water purifiers is the RO membrane. If your water has a high TDS level then with the help of the membrane technology, the water purifier would clear all the contaminants that are there and also add minerals if needed. Making sure that your RO system is at a top-notch position is very important.  

Annual maintenance facilities are also there, and Aquaguard service number helps you with that as well. Maintain your water purifier without going to much trouble and easy hassle free servicing. To book Aquaguard water purifier service at best price contact at it number or you can also visit its website.


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