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Know your RO plant: Commercial and industrial RO water plant

Although domestic RO plant and commercial RO plant are pretty self-explanatory, the differences can be traced back to many aspects. The domestic RO plant in Coimbatore means the RO to be installed in a smaller and much-confined manner. The place where it must be installed may range in residential complexes, apartments, and different households.

However, the commercial RO plant in Chennai refers to the plant that has to be installed in a vast area that requires a huge amount of water to be supplied for increased requirements. Where the commercial RO plant has to be planted may include industry, factories, schools, or companies.

As one can notice, the domestic RO system will be utilized accordingly to meet the needs at a smaller level. At the same time, the commercial ones will be used to fulfill the requirements of a larger sector. With the primary purpose being set at purifying water so that every individual at the specific place can access the refined water, there are some differences, the RO plant price in Chennai being one of them.

While the requirements may be different, the methods that RO Care India has used, one of the reliable RO plant manufacturers in Chennai, may be varied to establish the same. For example, an industrial establishment requires an Industrial RO plant. However, if it is fitted with a domestic water plant, it won't provide the same result.

Normally, the domestic RO plant can only cater to 5-6 people, which is comparatively on the lesser side in terms of what the Industrial RO plant serves. So you would need to go for the commercial Reverse Osmosis plant because it has the upper hand in terms of technology, the number of people served, features, quantity, and customization. And specificity.

So, Without Further Ado, Let's Discuss The Difference At Stretch:

RO Care India is one of the trusted RO plant manufacturers in Tamilnadu, which will cater to the client’s needs in the most cost-effective way. They will analyze the water to manufacture the accurate RO plant specifically.

  • Differs In Quantity 

The quantity is the first feature of differentiating between commercial and domestic RO plants provided by RO plant manufacturers in Coimbatore. The mount or number material. If you are looking for machinery that could cater to up to 1500 people, preferring the commercial RO plant would be better. That is why most industrial establishments tend to install RO plants to cater to their needs.

However, compared to this, the domestic water plant would only serve up to 6-8 people. The mismatch between the supply and the demand of deliverance is one of the major differences between the machinery. So, you should consider the quantity requirements then decide the RO system accordingly.


  • Specifications


The second feature that comes in is the usage of water. The usage of water may vary differently across industries. A commercial RO plant is designed to fulfill the sole purpose of meeting the specified water needs of a particular industry. For example, take the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and beverage companies into consideration.

Both of them would be different. Depending on the specification, the RO water plant price in Tamilnadu would also be different. One can say that a commercial RO plant is used not only to produce potable water but also to fulfill other requirements. Compared to this, the domestic RO system purifies the water for the sole purpose of providing potable water.

Ending Note

Now that you know the differences and which piece of machinery you need, contact RO Care India, one of the efficient RO plant dealers in Coimbatore, to purchase it. Compared to any other dealer, the 1000 LPH RO plant price in Chennai would be way less. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing an RO plant in Chennai ensures access to clean and purified drinking water, free from harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. It improves the taste, odor, and overall quality of water, promoting better health and well-being specially if you are living in Chennai.

When selecting an RO plant in Chennai, consider factors such as water quality, daily consumption, available space, and budget. It's essential to assess the purification capacity, filtration stages, maintenance requirements, and the reputation of the manufacturer or supplier in Chennai.

The maintenance process of RO Plant in Chennai typically involves regularly replacing filters, sanitizing the system, and checking for any leaks or malfunctions. The frequency of maintenance depends on factors such as water quality and usage. Generally, it is recommended to service the RO plant in Chennai every six months to ensure optimal performance.

RO plants in Chennai are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. However, it's crucial to ensure that the RO Plant in Chennai you choose is designed specifically to address heavy metal removal.

Yes, it is possible to connect an RO plant to the main water supply in Chennai. This allows for a continuous supply of purified water throughout your home or office. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper connection and functionality in Chennai.

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