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Kent RO Service In Delhi: Wide Range Of Services All Over Delhi !

Kent RO Service In Delhi: Wide Range Of Services All Over Delhi !

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 Kent RO has been proving purifier services for years. With a range of satisfied and high-tech products, the company supplies its customers with quality after sale services. India ranks at the top place when it is about increasing population. Many of the population is not even getting a quality glass of water. Being it RO purifier, UV, UF or combination of these technologies, Kent is a leading brand for quality water purifiers. In fact, the online services of the brand make it easy to ask for any query for those who are looking for Kent service center in Delhi. Kent RO is one and the only solution for all issues pertaining to the consumption of safe drinking water. With the number of Kent RO Service center in Delhi, the company has been crossing the whole country gaining universal popularity. Kent RO service center Delhi employs all the services that the company promises for. Kent RO service in Delhi with the following provisions or allocation of services:

  • Helpline number: serves the customers’ queries all the 7 days from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The only thing you need to do is to look for Kent RO service center number in Delhi and get the things done as per your ease.
  • Mobile application: makes it easy for customers to ask for any installation, repairing of any component, after sale services or any other related issue.
  • AMC and warranty for the products: most of the products come with one year warranty period.
  • Kent spare parts are also provided within the affordable pricing range. The Kent service center in Delhi provides you with in-hand information of all the spare parts, so as to provide you with authentic products only.

Kent RO has now become the synonym of RO technology. There was a time when people were unaware of the technique. But now, it has become a brand name for water purifiers. Most of the products are primarily equipped with RO technology followed by UV/UF technique. It is called double purification that kills all the dissolved or un-dissolved impurities including protozoans, bacteria, and viruses. Some of the top-ranked RO water purifiers are:

  • KENT PRIME PLUS: It suits water supply like municipal water, tap and brackish water. Apart from its best features, the best thing to count is its 4 years of free service (1 year of warranty and 3 years of free service). Unlike conventional purifiers that purify a small quantity of water while wasting a huge amount in the purification process, this product saves every drop of water while being harsh on germs and dirt only! For the rejected water, the system is attached with a tank that let you utilize it for washing, mopping, and other activities.
  • KENT SUPREME: It’s less wastage RO purifier. It comes with TDS controller and patented mineral ROTM technology that enriches water with essential minerals and protects its taste from getting worse with the purification process.
  • KENT EXCELL PLUS: It also comes with mineral ROTM technology, TDS controller and double purification of RO + UV/UF. The double purification technology makes it suitable for brackish, municipal, or tap water supply.
  • KENT WONDER PLUS: It is equipped with double purification technology of RO + UF. The double purification removes dissolved salts, bacteria, viruses and chemicals making water perfect for consuming with mineral-rich and good in taste. It comes with a wall mounted design that helps you to maintain space in your kitchen area.
  • KENT GRAND: It is an advance RO purifier that comes with a transparent design. The in-built TDS controller and ROTM technology make water 100% pure and safe for drinking. It utilizes the double purification of RO+UV/UF. Filter change alarm system and UV fail alarm defines its advanced technology. The alarm indicates for any need for filter change and any fault with UV lamp or its inefficiency respectively. The advanced technology of purifiers will let you save yourself from the last-minute rush for seeking services. However, to ask for any help you may consider to look for Kent RO service and repair center new Delhi Delhi.

kent ro service in delhi

With the focus on the services that kent ro authorised service centre in Delhi provides you, here are the four service categories of service centers that you can look for:

  1. Kent RO service in north Delhi
  2. Kent RO service centre in west Delhi
  3. Kent RO service centre in east Delhi
  4. Kent RO service centre south Delhi

If you are one of those who is thinking of changing or repairing the RO system, it is recommended to consult the professionals of Kent service center Delhi or search for Kent RO repair Delhi, Kent service centre in Delhi. The experts of KENT RO SERVICE DELHI will assist you with the best spare product that suits your purification system. However, the following are certain products that go with Kent purification systems:

S. NO.

Product detail




POWP: RO Membrane Welded 8”(item code: 20002)

POWP: RO Membrane 8” HIGH FLOW(item code: 20529)








FRT 550/600(item code: 20018)

FRT 300 ML (item code: 20020)

FRT 800(code item 20019)









Carbon filters: Inline Carbon Filter 8”(item code: 20009)

Activated Carbon Filter(item code: 20012)

Post carbon filter-blue (item code: 20015)








To let yourself free from future expenses it is advisable to look for any professional help only. One may look for Kent RO water purifier repairs new Delhi Delhi or seek help from experts only.

How does Kent RO Service Center work in Delhi NCR?

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  • Background Verified And Experienced Professionals, With Reasonable Rates

  • Final Price To Be Quoted On Inspection Of Scope Of Work

Why RO Care India?

  • Prompt Customer Care Team: Quick on their feet to solve your concerns or queries.

  • Service At Your Doorstep: You can relax while we get your work done.

  • All Prices Affordable: No hefty or hidden costs! Only reasonable rates.

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The safety of our family members are the prime responsibility of every individual and that is why the Kent Ro service has become essential in Delhi. The level of pollution is increasing on a great rate, due to which the life-saving water has become the reason for many deadly diseases. Ro Purifier services are the best option to get 100% pure and healthy drinking water.

Among the various brands of Ro water purifiers, Kent has become a renowned name in our country. It provides a complete solution for your need from the Ro purifier for the use in residential or commercial purposes. The brand provides you with the best features and service and that is also at the most reasonable price in Delhi, as per the market standards.

Along with the installation of the Ro purification system, you can get the best service of RO maintenance and service along with everything else related to Ro system from the Kent customer service Delhi.

The Versatile Kent Purifier Service Delhi

kent ro service center in delhi

Kent is one of the premium brands in our country in the field of home and kitchen appliances. Don’t think that it is only due to the aggressive promotion which is the result behind the success of the brand. The main reason behind the same is a high-quality product and the best customer service.

As a premium company in providing a solution related to Ro Purifiers, Kent is trusted by millions of users across the country. You can enjoy an A2Z solution regarding your water purification system from the Kent Ro service center Delhi.

With the years of experience in the field of home and kitchen appliances, the Kent service center Delhi has got the team of the most skilled and professional engineers so that you can have the best technical assistance related to your Ro purifiers.

Here are some of the services that you can enjoy with the Kent water purifier service Delhi: -

  • Installation of Ro: - Kent provides their complete assistance regarding the installation of the Ro in commercial and residential sectors. This ensures complete safety of your family and loved ones.

  • Kent Ro repair: - The Kent service is not just limited to the selling of the Ro. Along with that, they also provide a complete solution for the need of Ro servicing and maintenance along with repairing of the same. As a machine, due to regular usages, your Ro may need expert care for the better operation and we have the team of the most experienced technicians to provide you with the best solution for your need

  • Kent Ro AMC charges: - For customer’s convenience, Kent purifier service Delhi provides a wide range of flexible AMC plans. The AMC charges make the Ro users more relaxed about the required charges for Ro maintenance and servicing.


Life-Saving Water Became the Greatest Threat

You will be shocked to know that water is the main reason for over 80% of the deadly diseases, even cancer. To contamination level of water has increased so much that the traditional ways of water filtration can’t provide you with 100% safe and pure drinking water.

Ro or Reverse Osmosis is one of the latest technologies to purify the water in a completely natural way. It doesn’t use any kind of chemicals or others to purify the water. Thus, being the most effective water purification system, it is cost effective too.

Kent is one of the most famous brands in the area of home appliances and the Kent Ro is popular for its wide ranges of models and its advanced features to provide you with the best water purification solution. With the scarcity of pure drinking water, the demand for Kent Ro service Delhi has increased a lot in the past few years.

We all take the necessary step to keep our self and our loved ones healthy. We eat good and nutritious food, do regular exercise and doctor checkups to prevent any kind of serious concerns with our health. But what about our drinking water? Are we drinking pure and safe water? Do we have the best water purification system?

Even if we have the best purification system installed at our place, we also need to make sure that the machine is operating in a perfect way and is providing the supply of pure drinking water. The level of the performance may reduce due to the regular usages and that is why the servicing and maintenance of the machine are very important. Get in touch with the Kent water purifier service center Delhi today to ensure the best performance of the machine.


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Delhi Water Is Full Of Arsenic, Fluoride: Report
Delhi Water Is Full Of Arsenic, Fluoride: Report

Water quality in Delhi is on alarming situation, as per a recent Lok Sabha secretariat reports east and northeast districts of Delhi are undergoing arsenic contamination of groundwater, furthermore other districts have recorded nitrate and fluoride pollution............

Frequently Asked Questions

Drinking filtered water is the best solution to stay healthy and I think everyone drinks it. But, do you really think that the supplied water or the tap water is completely free from contaminants? So, in order to ensure that you drink safe and pure water, installing a water purifier is a must. A water purifier can clear all the impurities from your supplied water, thereby making it pure for consumption. Drinking filtered water can keep you away from waterborne diseases.
How efficient is your water purifier in terms of maintenance? For the first year, you barely have to spend anything for maintenance apart from purchasing the purifier. Regularly cleaning the appliance is a part of maintenance. Apart from that, filters need to be replaced as per the manufacturer’s instructions, which is usually once in a year or six months.
Yes!! All in home water treatment equipment needs occasional attention and many require replacement filters & membranes.
Natural minerals are essential for our health. In conventional RO water purifiers, these natural minerals get removed along with dissolved impurities. This makes the water mineral-less. Such water may be harmful to our health and can cause a mineral deficiency in the body.
Drinking filtered water is the best solution to stay healthy and I think everyone drinks it. But, do you really think that the supplied water or the tap water is completely free from contaminants? So, in order to ensure that you drink safe and pure water, installing a water purifier is a must. A water purifier can clear all the impurities from your supplied water, thereby making it pure for consumption. Drinking filtered water can keep you away from waterborne diseases.


4.8 stars, based on 250 reviews

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