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In the field of home and kitchen appliances, there is no comparison of the Eureka Forbes service in India. With the team of the most expert and professional engineers, the Eureka Forbes Ro service became one of the most trusted service providers in the field of the water purification system. There are different types of water purification systems available in the market. However, a few only will suit your requirement. Thus, if you are looking to purchase water purifiers, Eureka Forbes is the best place to get the required services.

In today’s life, we need the most advanced water purification system to get 100% pure and safe drinking water. The traditional water purifications ways are no more capable enough to provide you with 100% pure and safe drinking water. We need something more efficient and effective o that we can get safe water to drink and that is also at the minimum of cost and Ro is one of the best available ways to treat water and get purify it completely.

Why the Ro Purifier Is Considered As the Best? 8506096742

You must have heard about the Ro or Reverse Osmosis technology. But did you ever give a thought why it is so popular and why millions of people are opting for Ro services? The reason for the same is the simplicity of its performance and its effectiveness. The RO purifier comes with a membrane which is like a fine piece of cloth which doesn’t let anything pass through it other than only the purest form of water and thus resulting in the supply of the purest and healthiest drinking water. It is a very complex technology and thus the Eureka Forbes service centre India renders the best services and assistance for the installation of Ro along with other related services like servicing and others.

RO is the best and most advanced technology of getting completely pure and healthier drinking water. It eradicates all kind of harmful contaminants like virus, germ, bacteria, chemicals, pesticides and others in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The purification process used by the Ro purifiers is completely natural and uses no chemicals. Thus, it is said that the water from Ro is healthier than boiled water as along with purification, it also maintains the perfect level of essential minerals in the water.

Being a complex system, it is always suggested to take assistance from only the best professionals in the field and the engineers and the Eureka Forbes service centre provides the service of installation of the RO and its maintenance. The Eureka Forbes service request is dealt with an utmost emergency as they know the importance of drinking water.

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With the Eureka Forbes water purifier service India, you get the option to select from a wide range of Ro purifiers online from the website and even purchase the same. Yes, it’s true, now you don’t have to take a single step out of your house to purchase a Ro. The executives from the Eureka service center will provide you with complete assistance regarding the process of the selection of the purifier and purchasing the same.

Eureka Forbes offers you the option to select from a wide range of models of Ro purifiers. The different models come with different features and advantages. Thus, you can do proper research on the different models and do a comparison of the specifications and prices and select accordingly. At any point in time, if you need any kind of assistance, the executives from the Eureka Forbes service number will be more than happy to help you out with the same.

However, the services of the Eureka Forbes service number is not only restricted to the sales of the purifier. You can get an outright solution of after-sales services related to the Ro purification system.

The regular servicing of the RO purifier is a must thing to do for getting optimum performance from the same and have a longer lifespan of the machine. With the regular use and wear and tear, along with maintenance and servicing, the damaged parts of the RO purifier also need to be replaced. So as said, whatever it is if the same is related to water purification system, the Eureka service center India is the best place to contact for the same.

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RO Care India Eureka Forbes AMC Plans and Charges

AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
AMC Plan 1 999.00 Yes No No No No
AMC Plan 2 2450.00 Yes Yes No No No
AMC Plan 3 2500.00 Yes No No Yes No
AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes Yes Yes No No
AMC Plan 5 5000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AMC Plan 6 6000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plan 1: Purifier maintenance that includes basic servicing.
Plan 2: Inclusive of plan 1 and also includes the maintenance of filters.
Plan 3: Inclusive of plans 1 and maintenance of electrical parts.
Plan 4: Inclusive of plans 1, 2 & 3 and maintenance of the filter membrane.
Plan 5: Maintenance of services, filters, membranes, electrical parts.
Plan 6: Inclusive of all the services provided from plan1- plan 5 plus an emphasis on maintenance of faulty parts.

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Short description of Eureka Forbes customer service

The demanding water purifier brand, Eureka Forbes, is famous only for its quality customer service. Customers from different cities are very much satisfied with Eureka Forbes service. The company has achieved reasonable success by delivering advanced quality home appliances products. The dedicated and efficient team of Eureka Forbes service are always ready to provide instant service with detailed information if the customer has any query about water purifiers and other products.

Not only useful information, but people can also quickly contact with the service team of Eureka Forbes with the help of Eureka Forbes service centre number. Eureka Forbes service centre contact number is toll-free and remain active all the time. People through India can get connected to this brand over the phone at any time or at the time of emergency.

Services delivered by Eureka Forbes service centre

Eureka Forbes service centre provides excellent customer service and acts as a secure medium between customers and water purifiers. People can get the desired product by observing a large number of water purifiers. From Eureka Forbes service center customers can communicate with great comfort as every member of Eureka Forbes customer service deal with all people very friendly.

People are also satisfied with Eureka Forbes RO service as they help all customers in any situation. In India, the number of Eureka Forbes RO service center is high enough. This reputed brand has numerous Eureka Forbes customer service center in various cities which try to solve all issues of customers regarding any product.

Service requests of Eureka Forbes water purifier customer service

Eureka Forbes customer service also offers the option of Eureka Forbes water purifier service request through which people can inform about the function of the company. Customers need to create an account, and by login option with their registered mobile number, they can experience the service request. After delivering a suitable service request, customer can contact Eureka Forbes service centre contact number.

Necessary service requests by the customers of Eureka Forbes water purifier

Eureka Forbes water purifier service request has a significant contribution to enhancing its sale as it is a suitable option to communicate with all people in India. At the time of emergency, Eureka Forbes RO service gives an appropriate solution to all customer regarding their service requests.  Some service requests of Eureka Forbes service center are detailed in the following table:

Common service requests

Customer’s facility

Installation request after purchasing a water purifier

Customers get quick and quality service of installation at a very negligible price, or sometimes they offer free installation service

Annual maintenance request after using it for a long time

Customers receive AMC service at a minimal cost

Repairing service when the water purifier is not in working condition

The dedicated customer service team of Eureka Forbes offers the best repairing service at a low price

Service inquiry request to get the best quality water purifier

People from different areas in India can quickly get instant assistance from Eureka Forbes service centre

Choose Eureka Forbes Servicing for best maintenance of water purifier

Water is the boon of the world. But as pollution is increasing, the old technique of water purification is not enough. Having purified water is a healthy habit to incorporate into our everyday lives. Moreover, for new age technologies, water purifier system has developed a lot. Eureka Forbes water purifiers help to eliminate toxic contaminants from the water.

But installing a water purifier does not end your all concerns. Every machine needs proper maintenance. But when it comes to servicing we should get it done by a trusted brand with trained people. Eureka Forbes servicing team has a bunch of trained professionals. Eureka Forbes authorized service centre provides high-quality service to its customers.

Also, you can opt for the company's Annual maintenance contract service too. There are various AMC plans designed for water purifier servicing. Moreover, for RO filter water purifier, better maintenance is required. So the schedule for the following filter's maintenance:

Name of the filter

Changing Time period

Sediment filter

12 months

Carbon filter

6 months

RO membrane

24 months

Polishing filter

8-10 months

Booking Water purifier service

We have to book for a servicing session in Eureka Forbes water filter service centre. You can book for service both online as well as offline. For offline booking, you can go to nearest Eureka Forbes service center number. Eureka Forbes servicing team has enabled two more booking facilities like:-

●    Firstly, you can easily call the Eureka Forbes customer service centre number. You can instantly get service done at your doorstep.

●    For repairing any broken parts of water purifier, call Eureka Forbes service number.

●    By the online method, you can book an appointment by Eureka Forbes customer service number at home. You have to log in to their official website and fill in the required details. Do not forget to provide your contact number and email address. This will help the servicing team to contact you through email, SMS, and call. Also, mention your suitable time and date which will be suitable for you to get the servicing.  The best part is you can easily check the Eureka Forbes service request status. This helps you to know the report or estimated date they will provide you with the service.

There is a Eureka Forbes service request SMS feature too. For which after booking a service, you will get a message to the provided contact numbers.

But if you are not enough pleased with the servicing. Then you can have Eureka Forbes service request escalation. This process especially to solve the queries of customers.

3 ways of the escalation process

●    Write an email to the customer care executive if you are not satisfied with the service provided. There is a Service Redressal form present on the website. So download and fill up the form and send it to the email provided by Customer Service executive. The customer service of the company usually contacts within 24-48 hours.

●    If the servicing team does not contact you. Then you can escalate your concerns by email to the Head of Customer care. Here also you can download the Service Redressal form and send. Generally, you get a response within 24- 36 hours.

●    But even when you concerned is not solved. You can contact directly Ombudsman via their landline number. But call between 2 pm - 4 pm every second and fourth Thursday.

Choose Eureka Forbes for the best servicing of your water purifier

Gone are the days when people used to rely on natural water for drinking purposes. Nowadays, you will find that water purifiers are being installed in every household. Are you concerned about the quality of drinking water supplied in your locality? If your answer is yes. Then this absolutely the right time to install a good quality purifier at home. Eureka Forbes water purifier is the best purifier in the market. They have the vision to provide safe drinking water for their customers. There are various new technologies and filter present in Eureka Forbes water purifiers.

You must be wondering why I am saying Eureka Forbes is the best? Eureka Forbes company promises the best Eureka Forbes after sales service. Do not buy a water purifier solely based on the functionality of a machine. Servicing plays a great in the maintenance of the water purifier. Especially for the RO membrane enabled purifiers to require extra care. Regular interval maintenance and change of different water filter are mandatory.

Benefits of Eureka Forbes water purifiers service

1.Many Service centers

There are Eureka Forbes service centers throughout the city. You can find service centers near your location too. Eureka Forbes RO service center is especially for RO water purifiers. In the official website, both types of service centers are sorted in a list according to the name of the cities. Also, full address and contact numbers are provided.

2.Provides best Servicing

This water purifier company come with Eureka Forbes lifetime service. Especially Eureka Forbes water purifiers service is commendable. The company provides trained professionals for servicing. Eureka Forbes service booking is a great venture to get servicing done within 24-48 hours. You can contact the nearest Eureka Forbes service centers for getting service. Even you can call the toll-free number present on the official website of Eureka Forbes.  You can book for a service according to your preferences.

Also there great annual maintenance contract (AMC) of Eureka Forbes water purifiers service. This AMC is customized well according to the type of water purifier. Also, AMC depends on the customer requirements and water quality too. The best part is, if you buy Eureka Forbes water purifier, you get free installation of the purifier. Moreover, the annual maintenance contract (AMC) cost is free for one year. This includes 3 serving sessions at regular time intervals.

3. Repairing

When any part of the machines breaks down. It best to be repaired by the company only. They know the best fixation of the broken parts. So Eureka Eureka Forbes repair dents or leakages of the water purifier. They have a great team the trained professionals to provide best-repairing work. Eureka Forbes servicing team helps in the replacement for a few broken parts too.

4. Online booking facility

Nowadays, Eureka Forbes has come up with the facility of online booking too. The Eureka Forbes log a service request feature is great. It is used to book for a servicing for Eureka Forbes water purifier. You just need to log in to their website and provide your contact information. Also, mention the time and date for your preferences.

Hence protect your water purifier by providing regular servicing and enjoy purified water.

Eureka Forbes service centre

Common waterborne disease: How can a Eureka Forbes Service Engineer help you to prevent these diseases?

In our busy lives, we often forget that our health is our most significant treasure. We used to hunt for treasure throughout our life, but we often do not notice that our most enormous wealth lies within us. Hence we often neglect to take care of our health and do not possess those home accessories that can prevent several health issues. For example, Water purifier is essential accessories that every home should own. No matter how much you boil the water, it is never wholly purified until and unless you filter the water through a good quality water purifier. In the market, you will get a lot of water purifier, and one of the most reliable companies in water purification is Eureka Forbes. You can contact the service center of Eureka Forbes for getting more details.

What are the most Common waterborne diseases?

Some of the common waterborne diseases are:

·         Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most common conditions that are mainly caused due to the consumption of contaminated water. If you consume water that contains a virus or bacteria, it can cause diarrhea. A water purifier can decrease the concentration of bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and other parasites. Hence, it is essential to have a water purifier at home. Eureka Forbes service charge is not too much, and you can contact them in case you face any problem.

·         Cholera

One of the common symptoms of cholera includes diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramp, and headache. In the water, a bacteria called Vibrio cholerae may be present in water and may cause disease in the small intestine. Cholera can also be caused when you consume fruits that are washed with contaminated water. It is advisable to remove the fruit with the water of Eureka Forbes water purifier. You can give Eureka Forbes SMS service request if you need to know every detail of the water purifier.

·         Hepatitis A

This is another dangerous waterborne disease which generally spread through direct contact with the infected person. Apart from that, it may also be caused due to the consumption of contaminated water. The symptoms of Hepatitis A include fever, jaundice, fatigue, diarrhea, etc. Hence, it is essential to have water purifier of Eureka Forbes. In case you cannot handle the water purifier you can go for service request Eureka Forbes. In such a case, the Eureka Forbes service engineer will come to your home and solve the problem. The best thing is that Eureka Forbes service charges are not very high and everyone can afford it very quickly.

Typhoid:  It is also caused due to the consumption of contaminated water. So it is necessary to take Service Eureka Forbes so that you can consume the pure water and stay away from this kind of disease.

Malaria: Malaria is another common waterborne disease that is mainly caused by the bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes. Nausea, loss of appetite, fever, and headache are some common symptoms of the disease. In the worst condition, you may also develop pneumonia, severe anemia, coma, etc. So, if you want to prevent malaria, it is essential to consume only pure water. Purifying water with Eureka Forbes water purifier and Eureka Forbes service escalation can help you in a great way to stay away from this disease.

Eureka Forbes Service Centre For Better service Of Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes aims at providing a safe and healthy living for its customers. Eureka Forbes has a line of products like water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and security solution. All the products of Eureka Forbes give effective and efficient results to its customers. They consider their customer's health as their priority and never fails in achieving that. Eureka Forbes water purifier service centre has maintained it’s excellence in its field of water purification systems. It’s Universal, RO & UV technology aims at providing good health in your busy and distressed life.

Once you have opted for the products of Eureka Forbes, it becomes our duty and responsibility to provide you hassle-free service lifetime. Eureka Forbes service centre team is always dedicated to our customers and still available to listen to their problems and solve them. Our customers are always welcomed to share their questions and issues regarding water purifier, our sincere team will follow them under the guidance of Eureka Forbes customer service manager.

Our customers need to log a service request regarding any of our product be it any defective product you got, or you are facing any problems in installation of any product, you need to register a service request of Eureka Forbes at Eureka Forbes water purifier service centre number. Our specialized trained customer service is always ready to help you and will listen to your every problem very patiently. For service centre of Eureka Forbes, our customers smallest problem is equally given attention.  

Any issues that need special attention or any serious problem will be solved and introspected by him. We at Eureka Forbes provide customer service at home by sending our trained and specialized worker to resolve your issue, but in this uncertain world, it becomes tough for our customers to trust the person standing at the door claiming to be the Eureka Forbes associated person. To solve such issue of Eureka Forbes customer service model, we have introduced the unique facility which is first in its own in India known as, “Customer Confidence Centre."

With the help of this, our customers can trust the person knocking on the door is from Eureka Forbes company. The service specialist will show you up to his ID card and ask him for the unique password given to him by Eureka Forbes. Then the next step would be to call on the number 9268887770 and ask for the service specialist ID Number and his unique password. If both things get matched, then you can trust the person with full confidence.

We always care for our customer security and will look upon each suspected issue for our customer safety.  So join your hands with us to have a healthy lifestyle you wish to live upon. To book your Eureka Forbes customer service request, you can visit the nearest Eureka Forbes India customer service department.

Eureka Forbes - Always At Your Service

With summer around the corner, water helps to keep us hydrated. We often feel thirsty, in the quenching summer heat.  So our body needs a lot of water. But we should drink purified water. Eureka Forbes water purifiers are an excellent water purifier with various facilities.

In summers, it takes a significant toll on water purifier. Now and then we need water in a purified form for drinking. So servicing of a water purifier is required. Even Eureka Forbes company has an annual maintenance contract (AMC) too. They provide free AMC charges for 1 year with the new water purifier.  In which it includes 3 services after every 3-4 month's interval. Here they provide trained professionals for remaining and servicing of the water purifiers. Also, after buying the water purifier, they offer free installation service too. For this, you need to call for an installation service request for Eureka Forbes. Even for Eureka Forbes water purifier repair, you can contact the service center, Eureka Forbes.

Why should we need to get servicing done for water purifiers?

Servicing is crucial for maintaining any machine's performance, likewise, for the proper functioning of various parts of the water purifier. Good servicing is a must.

Here are a few factors for which we need servicing of the water purifiers.

●    Changing the filter

RO water purifier needs to be replaced after every 3-4 months. Not changing the filters, decreases the capacity to purify the water.

●    Sediment filter change

Sediment filter helps to remove dirt and dust. So this needs to be changed at least once a year.

●    Replacement of Carbon filter

This filter removes the chlorine from the water, so make sure to change it.

●    RO Membrane changing

RO membrane is a vital filter membrane of water purifier. Changing of this filter depends upon the water quality.

●    Sanitization of the tank

Proper cleaning of pipes and tank is mandatory so that the RO filter work properly.

●    Repair leakages

Water purifier leakages in pipes or filters can cause a significant impact on the quality of the water. So make sure to get is repaired by trained professionals of the service centre.

3 methods by which you contact Eureka Forbes service centre

  1. You can easily find a service centre, Eureka Forbes, nearby. So you negotiate a suitable time for servicing of your water purifier

  2. Then if you can find a nearby service centre. You can quickly contact their helpline to know where a service centre of Eureka Forbes is present. Then can call for Eureka Forbes product service request.

As the world has progressed so much through the internet and technology. Now we can do everything in a snap of our hands. Hence you get service from Eureka Forbes by registering online. So go to Eureka Forbes official website. Then apply for Eureka Forbes online service request. You can select your preferred time and date too here. But the most important thing is to provide your contact details and address.

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