Zero-B UV Grande RO Water Purifier

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ESS Technology
ESS Technology sanitize the tank water & prevent germ build up 24 x 7 by ruling out the decontamination and slime build up of bacterial growth.

Hexapure Technology
Hexapure technology purification process ensures pure and safe water

Next Gen UV Technology
The 6 stage UV water purification system paralyses diseases causing bacteria & viruses by disrupting genetic cell.

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Zero B Grnade Water purifier Is The Best Way To Avoid Water Contamination

Zero B UV Grande Water purifiers contain different types of filters and however what reasonably another kind of contamination it filters out? What should you look for zero b UV grand water purifier for your home?

Pure, clean and safe potable isn’t offered recently. Growing population, industrial development and environmental degradation area unit all causes for this, it becomes even a lot more vital for us to bear in mind of purification techniques and therefore the offered water purifiers within the market to make sure that our potable is of excellent quality.

A lot of minerals area unit found naturally in water and area unit vital for the figure; however, overwhelming an excess quantity of it will cause several diseases.

An honest water setup removes the surplus salts, suspended particles and microbes, and retains its essential vitamins and minerals. With numerous makers within the water purification business recently, it's tough to grasp that is nice, that isn’t and that meets necessary standards.

Both water filters and water purifiers work on a similar mechanical principle which is:

Suck up raw water that is contaminated, separate impurities starting from sediments to microorganisms then dispense clean water. There’s one massive distinction between the two that setup will take away viruses and microorganism that filters cannot take away. Some purifiers use chemicals use an electrostatic charge to kill or capture viruses.

As each filter uses different types of technologies that are:

Reverse osmosis (RO)

RO full structure is Reverse Osmosis. In Zero B Grande RO water purifier, it goes water through the syphon to build water weight at that point pass that forced water through RO membrane (semi penetrable). Amid this procedure broke up solids and TDS present in water are disposed of. RO water purifier changes over hard water to delicate water. The burden of RO water purifier is it produces a great deal of wastewater.

Ultra-violate (UV)

Zero B UV water purifier utilizes UV radiations to murder contaminants, microorganisms. Treating water goes through the UV radiation source cylinder and opens water to UV radiation. The UV water purifier is fitting to use with delicate water which has contaminants. Thus install Zero B UV Grand 4l water purifier and punch out all the bacterial contamination present in your drinking water.

Ultra-Filtration (UF)

UF full structure is Ultrafiltration. UF water purifier contains empty fibre strung film. UF expels scattered material, suspended solids, and other substantial atomic weight materials from water which are unsafe to human wellbeing. UF water purifiers are works without power

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

TDS full structure is Total broken down solids. Minerals, salts or broke up metals, for example, calcium, chloride, nitrate, iron, sulphur and some fundamental issue that disintegrated in water usually alluded as TDS. TDS estimation of 500 mg/l water is considered as hard. Most ordinarily utilized cleaning frameworks to diminish TDS are carbon channel and switch osmosis (RO).

See the rundown of best RO+UV, RO, UV, gravity-based water purifiers for additional data

 The Zero B UV Water Purifier is cost-effective, and it doesn't use any chemicals but UV water purifier requires electricity, it doesn't have a storage tank and not valid if the water contains mud. Water purifier uses ultraviolet rays.

If you are concern about the drinking water quality, then installation of Zero B RO UV Water purifier is the best solution for you.

Dimension 275x230x370(in mm)
Net Weight 4.4 kg
Gross Weight 7.1 kg
Process Flow Rate 1.5 - 2 ltr/Min
Dispensing Flow Rate of Tap 3 ltr/min
Inlet Pressure 0.5 to 2.0 kg/ cm²
Inlet Water TDS 500 ppm
Turbidity 3 NTU
Inlet Water Temperature 5 - 40º C
Free Chlorine Less than 0.5 ppm
Operating Voltage 230 VAC
Power Rating 20 Watts
UV Lamp Wattage 11 Watts
UV Lamp Ultraviolet Radiation UV Wavelength - 254 nm
BAC Bacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon
ESS Electrolytic System Sanitizer

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