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  • 7 stage purification process
  • Multi dispensing options
  • Water storage capacity of 8.5 litres
  • Filter change indication for safe health
  • Taste enhancer
  • Next-generation design with intelligent technology

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Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Livpure Touch 2000 Plus Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are immensely crucial these days because of the excess contamination that has polluted water dangerously. A good water purifier does not only provides you fresh and clean drinking water, but it also helps you to stay fit and prevent diseases caused by water-borne bacteria. Livpure touch 2000 plus is one such newly launched water purifier that is laced with all the supreme features desired in an ideal water purifier. If you are someone who likes to research well about a product and its features before spending on it, you can read livpure touch 2000 plus review on various online stores and channels.

Livpure is a renowned name in the Indian water filter and purifier industry as it offers products that are manufactured after active research and can exhibit excellent performances. The newly launched water purifier of livpure utilizes seven-stage water purification methods to assure total elimination of contamination from the water along with making the water healthy and tasty. If you think that it must be a costly affair to buy this water purifier, we suggest you check for livpure touch 2000 plus price, as they are very affordable and budget-friendly.

You can buy livpure touch 2000 plus purifiers from several stores available in your city along with purchasing them online. To know about livpure touch 2000 plus best price you can compare the prices by visiting different e-commerce sites where the product is available and can compare the prices. Along with getting information about the amount you can also get livpure 2000 plus review on online channels by customers who have previously purchased the water purifier.

Specification & Technology of Livpure Touch Water Purifier

When you have made up your mind to purchase livpure touch water purifier, you must relax now, because your investment is going to give you the best product and services. Unlike other water purifiers livpure touch 2000 plus ro water purifier is manufactured by using non-toxic plastic that is harmless for you. The water purifier has a combination of water purification advanced technologies that can retain the freshness of water after removing the undesirable substances from it. Livpure touch 2000plus water purifier has UV+RO+UF within it that works in combination to remove the hardness of water, impurities present in the water and various disease-causing microbes that are there in the water.

Livpure touch 2000 plus water purifier is a modern and light-weight device that can be easily installed in your home. The water purifier can be wall mounted hence requires very less space. The water purifier has taste enhancer as well as an antiscalant filter that can prevent the accumulation of scale caused by organic salts on the RO membrane. Livpure touch 2000 plus filter has activated carbon filter, sediment filter, and various other layers that assure to captivate even the smallest of impurities to pass on nothing but clean and highly purified water.

Talking about the storage capacity livpure touch plus 2000 comes with a storage capacity of 8.5 litres, and as it is automatic, it can be filled whenever required. The water purifier has a multi-dispensing option which is very convenient and gives the user the comfort to use the water purification system after minimal customization, that too without any assistance.  Livpure touch 2000 plus 8.5 litres water purifier has a perfect body design and a small LCD screen present in front of the system that displays the filter life, device status,  and customer care contact number of livpure.

Price & Services for Livpure Touch Water Purifier

As the product is very much budget-friendly, it can be purchased by anyone, and EMI options are also available for the water purifier. Livpure touch 2000 plus ro water purifier is available mainly in two colours blue and white, and various purchasing options are available for the product. Customers can visit the website of livpure to get complete details about the product as well as its availability in their city. To know about the livpure touch 2000 plus amazon price customers can visit Amazon's site and check for the price of water purifier, along with any discounts offered on the purifier.

The services offered for livpure 2000 touch plus are quite genuine and cost-effective. Customers can avail several services, ranging from installation services, AMC services, repair services, and various other services offered by livpure conveniently. If you are a tech-savvy person, you can check for online Livpure touch 2000 plus reviews available on different websites, that can help you decide whether it is a desirable water purifier type for you or not.

To get support for your livpure water purifier, you can choose to dial the customer care number of livpure to connect with the customer care executive. Once you get in touch with the customer care representative of livpure, you can discuss your concern regarding the livpure water purifier to get efficient and timely solutions from them. You can also contact the nearby service center of livpure in case you want to service of your livpure touch 2000 plus water purifier.

Purchase Livpure RO Water Purifier Online

If you are looking to buy livpure 2000 plus online, then you should consider that buying and Livpure water purifier 2000 plus is not something which you can take without proper knowledge. As you that the buying of water purifier requires adequate knowledge about the water purifier along with the regularly used water quality.

Hence before buying and Livpure 2000 plus water purifier know your regular used water. If your regular used water contains a high concentration of dissolved water impurities, then the installation of the livpure ro 2000+ can be your perfect salutation. In case your regular used water includes a high level of the microbial contamination then you should use livpure 2000+. It is also recommended to perform some own research, and you can also compare the price of the livpure ro water purifier through a various e-commerce portal.


Livpure ro touch 2000+ water purifiers is an affordable water purification solution for your home that is capable of retaining crucial minerals and other nutrients present within the water along with removing contamination from it. The new livpure w-purifier ro+uv+uf touch 2000+ has several practical and useful water filtration and purification features that increase the market value of the product. TDS controller present within the device helps in enhancing the taste of the water and hence provides water with a desirable and pleasant taste and smell.

You can refer to the website of livpure to know more about livpure touch 2000 plus water purifier review that has been given by its customers. A lot of good things have been said and written by the users of livpure touch plus water purifiers since the launch of the product. Hence it is trustworthy. Strong customer care support offered by the company would be another significant advantage for you if you chose livpure touch 2000 plus water purifier as your next water purification system.

Storage Tank Capacity 8.5 Litres
Purification Cartridges Pre Filter,Anti-Scalant Cartridge,Sediment Filter,Pre Carbon Filter Cum Adsorber,RO Membrane,UF Cartridge Filter,Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge,UV Disinfection Column
Material Of Construction Food Grade Material
Product Dimension (W*D*H) (Mm) 387*266*492
Installation Wall Mounting
Purification Technology RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer
Purifier Preference Wall mounted RO
Stages Of Purification 7 Stages
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Upto 2000 ppm
Purification Capacity Upto 15 Litres/hour*
Type Of Purifier Electric
Max Duty Cycle Upto 75 Litres/day
Filter Replacement Cycle Upto 6000 Litres *Filter life may affect by input water Quality
RO Membrane 75-80 Gallons Per Day
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite
UV Disinfection Column 24 Liters/hour (Design Registration No.- 264546)
UF Cartridge 0.1 µm
Maximum Inlet Pressure 3 Kg/**
Minimum Inlet Pressure 0.3 Kg/*
Input Voltage 140-300 V AC/50 Hz
Operating Voltage 24 V DC
Indicator Filter Life Customer Care No Litres of Water Purified Purifying Water Tank Full
Alarms UV Failure Alarm
Auto Shut Off Yes
Replacement Cycle 6000 Litres
Sales Package Product, Pre Filter, Installation kit, User Manual cum warranty card
Service Type Onsite service, during warranty period sediment filter and activated carbon filter will be replaced and two preventive maintenance will be provided free

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