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  • 7 stage purification process
  • Power ON, Purification process and Tank Full Indications indication
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • The effective tank storage capacity of 7 liters
  • Wall-mount installation
  • Taste Enhance

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The significance of Livpure Pep Plus Water Purifier

Water is a natural resource that is very essential for the existence of living organism including human beings. In fact, it is the presence of water that makes the earth a place where life is possible. But when it comes to drinking water, the presence of this natural resource is not sufficient as there may be many harmful contaminants that may make the water unsuitable for consumption and can cause many dangerous diseases. Hence it is very important to purify the water before you drink it to quench your thrust. That is where water purifier comes into play. There are many water purifiers in the market but one of the most reputed and favorite ones is Livpure Pep Plus, or it is also known as Pep plus livpure. If you want to drink a glass full of bacteria and virus free water, then you must possess this purifier. However, you check the Livpure Pep Plus review before you purchase this water purifier to know its complete details. Another most significant feature is that Livpure Pep Plus price is very affordable and as a result, everybody can purchase this water purifier.

Why do you need to drink pure drinking water?

If you want to stay healthy and avoid disease, then the first thing that you have to do is to drink pure, clean and safe water.  According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO) every year 842,000 people die due to waterborne diseases. But you can prevent these kinds of waterborne diseases just by drinking pure and safe water. With rising water pollution nowadays contains a considerable amount of chemicals such as Chlorine, Chloramine, fluoride, arsenic, pesticides and other heavy metals. The traditional method of boiling water can kill the bacteria and virus but cannot remove these chemicals that are present in the water. So, even if you take boiled water you are not safe as the heavy metals and various chemicals found in the water can cause serious health problems such as Cholera, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, Jaundice, Typhoid and in severe cases drinking such water may also cause cancer. As such it becomes essential to drink safe and pure water to stay away from these kinds of serious diseases. Hence it becomes necessary to install Livpure Liv Pep Plus which will not only kill the bacteria and virus but also remove all the chemicals and heavy metals from the water. Apart from that, if you take Livpure Pep Plus Water Purifier review, you will find that most of the customer says that the drinking water of Livpure Pep Plus RO UV TE is much tasty than the average or boiled water. Livpure Pep+ price is also very affordable, and as such ever body can purchase it easily.

How to choose the right water purifier for your home?  

Today with rising water pollution just buying a water purifier will not provide you the complete solution from serious diseases. You have to go for the best water purifier that has the capacity of removing all kinds of impurities apart from killing bacteria and viruses. For example, Livpure Pep + or Livpure Pep ++ are such type of water purifier that has the advanced technology to remove all kinds of impurities in water including arsenic, fluoride, lead, chlorine, nitrates, sulfates, etc.

Actually, before selecting the right water purifiers for your home, you must know some details that will help you to take the right purchasing decision. For example, you must know how much contaminates and heavy metals are present at your home. Apart from that, you must also know about the hardness of water at your home. After you take all these details, you must examine which Livpure Pep Plus filter can tackle with the contaminants, metals, and impurities that are present in the water of your home. This is because all types of Livpure Pep Plus filters will not be suitable for the water of your home.

Nowadays various types of water purifiers are available in the market such as:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier: This kind of water purifier is suitable for the home which has a high amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Livepure has come up with Livpure RO Pep Plus water purifier that can remove viruses, bacteria and all kinds of toxic substances present in the water.  But before you purchase it, you should check full Livpure Pep Plus specifications. As per the customer review, it is found that apart from removing the heavy metals Livpure Pep plus RO Water Purifier is also capable of purifying the hard and salty water which contains dissolved solids as well as chemicals. Apart from that, the RO water purifier can enhance the taste and odor of the water. This happens because when contaminants are removed from the water, the taste and odor of the water automatically improve as these contaminants cause the bad taste and odor in water. The best thing is that Livpure Pep plus RO price is very affordable and its maintenance is also very easy.      

Ultra Violet (UV) Water purifier: Ultra Violet (UV) water purifier is another effective process of disinfecting bacteria and virus from the water. In this process, the Ultra Violet rays are penetrated the harmful pathogen present in the water and kill the microorganism which causes serious illness. As per Livpure Pep Plus reviews, it is found people who consume water from this water purifier hardly suffers from any waterborne disease. This type of water purifier can destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganism present in the water even without adding any chemicals or changing the taste or odor of the water. This type of water purifier requires low maintenance cost, low energy consumption, and less manual cleaning. Livpure Pep plus Price in India is not too much, and you can easily afford it for saving the life of your family members.

Ultra Filtration (UF) Water purifier: In the process of Ultra Filtration (UF) hollow fibers of a membrane are used which is mainly made up of a thin layer. This membrane separates the water from other particles that are present in the water. Hence, this process of filtration can suspend the solids, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals present in the water. Apart from that it also keeps the essential minerals while purifying the water and do not alter the taste of the water. The process of UF is almost same with RO, and the only difference is that RO technology can block very minute particles whereas UF can only block those particles which are a little larger. As such this kind of water purifier is suitable for those places where the presence of chemical composition is relatively low. Again the UF technology cannot work with hard water and cannot remove the dissolved salts that are usually present in the hard water.

Nowadays companies like Livpure have come up with the combined technology, for example, Livpure Pep plus RO+UV+TE. These kinds of water purifiers are also available in various sizes and colors. It is observed that the most natural and demanding water purifier is Livpure Pep plus RO+UV+TE (7 Liters). This is because 7 liters of drinking water is usually sufficient for a small family and this type of water purifier is enough to tackle all kind of impurities apart from killing microorganism. Thus if you want to keep your family healthy and safe, then you must bring home a Livpure Pep+. When it comes to color purple is the most common choice, and as such, it is observed that Livpure Pep plus RO+UV Water Purifier (Purple) is the largest selling water purifier in India.             


Drinking clean and pure water can help you a great way to keep your family healthy and fit. The food that you eat and the water that you drink must be clean and pure as it determines your health and well-being. As such everyone should bring home Livpure Pep plus 7 L RO + UV Water Purifier as it is the biggest mantra to keep your family healthy. If you observe you will find that a considerable number of pollutant in our water supply. With rising water pollution water purifier has no more remain a luxury but has become an absolute necessity. The biggest problem is that a large number of hazardous chemicals are nowadays found in the supply water that people use as drinking water. In the supply water the Municipal Corporation regularly uses disinfectants but these disinfectants can save you from microorganism present in the water but cannot remove the chemicals and other hazardous heavy metals. Hence, the modern water purifiers like Livpure Water Purifier Pep Plus can protect you from serious waterborne diseases. Thus this kind of water purifiers is the only solution as they can kill the microorganism as well as remove the pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and other contaminants present in water. Livpure Pep plus Price in India is not too much, and as such, it should be purchased by everyone to keep away from dangerous disease and lead a healthy and happy life.

Storage Tank Capacity 7 Litres
Purification Cartridges Sediment Filter,Pre Carbon Block Cum Adsorber,Anti-Scalant Cartridge,RO Membrane,UV Disinfection Column,Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge,
Material Of Construction Food Grade Material
Product Dimension (W*D*H) (Mm) 296*261*505
Installation Wall Mounting
Purification Technology RO+UV+Taste Enhancer
Water Requirement 20ltrs
Purifier Preference Wall mounted RO
Stages Of Purification 6 Stages
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Up to 2000 ppm
Purification Capacity Up to 12 Litres/hour*
Type Of Purifier Electric
Max Duty Cycle Up to 75 Litres/day
Filter Replacement Cycle Up to 6000 Litres *Filter life may affect by input water Quality
RO Membrane 75-80 Gallons Per Day
Membrane Type tdin Film Composite
UV Disinfection Column 24 Liters/hour (Design Registration No.- 264546)
UF Cartridge N/A
Maximum Inlet Pressure 3 Kg/**
Minimum Inlet Pressure 0.3 Kg/*
Input Voltage 140-300 V AC/50 Hz
Operating Voltage 24 V DC
Indicator Power On Purification Tank Full Indications Indications UV fail buzzer
Alarms UV Failure Alarm
Auto Shut Off Yes
Replacement Cycle 6000 Litres
Sales Package Product, Installation kit, User Manual cum warranty card
Service Type Onsite service, during warranty period sediment filter and activated carbon filter will be replaced and two preventive maintenance will be provided free

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