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  • Purification Technology: Gravity based purification
  • Filters & Cartridges: Particulate Filter, Sediment Filter, Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter cum Absorber, Protector Filter, Anti Kitanu UF membrane
  • Total Storage Capacity: 24 Litres
  • Purified Water Storage Capacity: 16 Litres
  • Filter Replacement Cycle: 4000 litres or 15 months.
  • Free Spare Filter Kit.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Water is a vital natural resource available to us, as it not only used for drinking but it also essential in maintaining hygiene. But if it contains the impurities in the form of bacteria, virus or others than drinking it can be an extreme risk to life. So to avoid such the risk of water-borne diseases, we need an impactful purifier like the livpure Brahma.

The livpure Brahma water purifier is the new water purifier from the house of livpure. It is a powerful purifier designed to fit in the modern kitchens of the country entirely. Along with its refreshing and new compact design, the Livpure Brahma water purifier offers a five-stage purification process and a kitten guard that removes all impurities from water and makes it safe.

Why You Should Purchase Livpure Brahma Water Purifier

Brahma is one of the latest purifiers from the livpure, and it does come with many advanced features including a five-stage modern purification system which removes all the impurities and toxins from tap water. It is also one of the most affordable water purifiers in the current market. Brahma is an ideal and perfect choice for consumers who desire to have good purifier at affordable pricing, which the livpure Brahma ro price exactly offers. According to the official page of the company, the estimated life of the product is about three years, and it comes with a warranty of one year.

According to the livpure Brahma review, ‘sleek and modish design of this water purifier add a touch of elegance in the kitchen’. This water purifier has a storage capacity of massive 24 liters and the purified water storage capacity is 16 liters, details of which can also be found on the livpure Brahma user manual which comes free with every product.

Importance OF Livpure Brahma Kit

The purification technology of livpure Brahma kit employs five purification cartridges also known as filters; those are Particulate Filter, Sediment Filter, Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter cum Absorber, Protector Filter, and the Anti Kitanu UF membrane. The livpure Brahma filter kit is equipped with a kitanu (germs) guard that helps in removing the impurities present in the water. One of the main highlights of this livpure Brahma filters is that it is a non-electric water purifier which comes at a very reasonable price. So these types of water purifiers can be the perfect choice for people who live in areas where power cut is a common issue.

Some General Idea’s About Livpure Brahma Water Purifier

The livpure Brahma 16 l storage water purifier has a robust tank that can store water upto 16 liters. This water purifier has been designed to go along with the contemporary Indian home decors. It implements advanced stage water purification process to transform tap water into pure efficiently and disinfected drinkable water. The wall-mountable water purifier features an effective kitanu guard for better protection against bacterial or viral infections. The kitanu guard present inside this purifier was designed to give up to 2000 liters of purified water at the room temperature. The livpure brahma offline water purifier uses the revolutionary gravity technology, wherein water is filtered via a normal gravity process, running from a top container (higher point) to lower container (lower point), with an activated carbon filter efficiently removing all the harmful organic contaminations, such as pesticides, weedicides, and other dangerous chemicals, thereby assuring the purity of your drinking water.

The livpure Brahma water purifier kit is a non-electric RO which comes with the zero cartridge cost. This four-stage advanced purification system provides up to almost 100 per cent protection from bacteria and virus. The livpure Brahma water purifier review says this water purifier performs an evident action of cleaning water using the innovative Kitanu Guard. This water purifier uses a USEPA registered disinfection technology that ensures optimum purification of water. The cartridge life of this purifier is approximately up to 4000 liters or 12 months. And even if RO cartridge may require to replace after a year but the livpure Brahma cartridge price is so affordable that you do not even feel big short of burden in your budget.  Also, the livpure Brahma gravity water purifier comes with one year warranty which makes the product even more reliable.

According to most of the livpure Brahma gravity water purifier review, this light weighted portably designed Water Purifier offers an elegant design with a transparent container that is easy to maintain and operate under all situations. And since this is a non-electric RO, so it does not require electric current for its operation. Also, the livpure Brahma water purifier price has very affordable pricing. The two-way tap helps in having a continuous flow and water burst. The Kitanu Guard helps in effective cleaning of water. The resultant is considered fit for drinking purpose confirming International Standards.

But when it comes to purifiers like Brahma, it’s not only the livpure Brahma price, design, and adaptability which makes it superior but there are other service factors that will also need to take in consideration like the livpure Brahma filter kit price and livpure Brahma kit price which makes one step ahead in the market.

Box ContentsMain Unit
ModelBrahma Neo
Purified Storage16 liters
Total StorageTotal storage tank capacity of 24 litres
MaterialFood grade Plastic
Length21 cm
Width31 cm
Height59 cm
Period1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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