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Benefit of the Dishwasher Salt

Purity: for high-capacity regeneration and long Dishwasher Machine life.

Solubility : No residue in the salt-dissolving container

Function of the Dishwasher Salt

1. Excel Dishwasher salt is pure sodium chloride. You shouldn’t use table salt in dishwasher machine as it is small granule size and there is an Iodine in all Table salts Iodine is not good for your Dishwasher machine and can block and cause damage to your dishwasher machine.

2. Dishwasher salt doesn’t actually enter the dishwasher machine instead it flows through the softener unit before being drained with the waste water.

3.The way that dishwasher salt works is by providing sodium for the dishwasher’s ‘Resin’ that are in the softener. When regenerated by the sodium, these work to attract and trap the magnesium and calcium ions that cause hard water.

4. Dishwasher salt has much larger granules than regular salt in order to help them dissolve without a risk of creating a blockage which would result in malfunctioned softener unit.


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