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Livpure Magna

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Livpure RO Water Purifier

Get Best Livpure RO Water Purifier for Home in India:

Still, you are not using domestic water purifier it means you are not worried about your health. Your health is your ultimate wealth if you are not healthy then you can't perform any work significantly because sickness in you decreases your productivity. If you are not using a Livpure water plant then you are prone to many water-borne diseases. The most deadly water-borne disease is cholera and diarrhoea. In this disease heavy loss of water occurs from your body which may also lead to serious illness or even death. So install Livpure RO water filter machine and protect yourself from these diseases. Livpure water purifier system treats all types of water impurities like TDS contamination, microbial contamination, contamination occurs due to phytochemical waste and etc. So you need not worry about the water quality of the Livpure RO water purifier machine.

Livpure RO water purifier is India's best selling RO water purifier because it uses the best quality of spare parts which required low maintenance, and long lasting i.e. durable which makes this product a trustworthy brand of RO water purifier. If you want to install the best water purifier at a lower cost then nothing is better than Livpure RO water purifier system. If you install your Livepure RO water purifier from RO Care India than it is like "Icing on the cake" i.e. nothing is better than this combination. RO Care India is the best RO water service provider in whole India if you purchase your Livepure RO water purifier system from RO Care India then you will receive your Livpure RO water purifier at your doorstep without moving anywhere. RO Care India also offer you Livepure RO water purifier spare parts, repairing, regular maintenance, and various but customized AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) plan. Call at RO Care India customer care department and book your Livpure RO water purifier services at your locality and say no to impure water.

Livpure Water Purifier-The Purifying Giants!

What is a Livpure water purifier?

Among all the other Livpure products, Livpure water purifiers happen to be the best due to their superior technology and state of the art designs. Livpure water purifier models are really very well managed with a well-defined structure being maintained throughout. A Livpure water purifier is the one that is trusted by one and all and has risen as one of the favourites of the consumers over the years, given the quality of their products and the level of hygiene they maintain while manufacturing the purifiers.

Why Go For Livpure Water Purifier

Water purifier Livpure is one reliable brand of water purifiers. Through years of trust and faith, they have proved themselves in the market. The various Livpure water purifier cost will differ, however, based on their model and specifications. Let us get to the details about the Livpure price. The cost of the Livpure water purifier system is decided upon by a team of the company in collaboration with the marketing team of the same.  

Livpure water purifier price varies from one product to another, depending upon the type of water purifier it is. Different models are designed differently and thus, priced differently. Livpure water purifier price in India depends on the technology the purifier is using.  Along with this, there are other purchases that the consumer is expected to make. The AMC documents or the Annual Maintenance Cost documents are one of them. These documents state the company policies regarding warranty and maintenance costs within a stipulated time that is fixed by the company itself.

Besides the AMC, there are other things like changing some part of the purifier due to some reason. While a lot of these replacements are taken care of by the AMC itself, some of the other replacements are not. Thus, when there is a situation that is not covered by the AMC, the consumer is required to take care of the same. The Livpure water purifier price list can be categorized into simple, RO and UV RO water purifiers. Each of these categories of purifiers has their own specifications. The RO technology or the reverse osmosis technology is one that uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out the impurities from water. On the other hand, UV or ultraviolet radiations along with RO is yet another combination that is much in trend due to the effective results delivered by this combination.

Price Of The Best Livpure Water Purifier

Livpure RO water purifier price and Livpure RO UV price are a bit higher than the simple water purifiers because Livpure RO UV water purifier is simply better in quality. It uses a technology superior to the water purifiers of the other categories. Thus, the efficiency with which this particular variety of water purifiers work is way higher than the other water purifiers belonging to inferior categories. Livpure RO or reverse osmosis water purifiers use the technology that has risen as one of the most reliable technologies in the field of water purifiers. This is something which ensures that your drinking water is pure and free from any impurities. This kind of assurity is hard to find even among other Livpure water purifiers.

Livpure RO Water Purifier

In Livpure RO, what happens is it uses a semi-permeable membrane that retains the impurities such as metals and pesticides and does not let them pass through, hence giving the consumers safe and pure water for drinking. This is especially beneficial for infants, children and pregnant women. Livpure RO price can be one of concern sometimes. Why? This is because the price can get a little too out of budget for a consumer.

The price of Livpure RO water purifier is thus quite overburdening for some. However, prices are always decided with the customer base in mind. The RO Livpure price varies from one product to another and also from country to country. The price in India is determined according to the financial status of the common people living here. This is considered a step necessary for the company's growth.

A developing country like India is not a market that is good enough for highly priced water purifiers. Livpure RO price list starts (as of the present state) from around 10,000 rupees and goes up to about around 30,000 rupees. This range of pricing in itself is a masterstroke in business. In India, this is the range that best suits the consumers given the average income of a middle-class Indian. Another change in mentality that is observed in Indians is the sense of awareness regarding health and hygiene.

Importance Of Drinking Pure & Healthy Water

Due to the fast increasing pollution in India, the citizens are realising the importance of proper food and germ-free water. In order to ensure health and hygiene, more and more Indians are readily buying expensive water purifiers. Of course, water purifiers costing too much will find no market here. But, reasonably priced water purifiers are welcomed by the country now. When it comes to Livpure RO price in India, the country has come a long way. It is more like a mental revolution that the country addresses the basic requirements. Like the good company that Livpure is, it came up with prices that will suit everyone.

One such Livpure RO water purifier price list is enlisted below. Consumers can get a clear idea about the price list from the table given below. A Livpure price list is given below for the consumer’s convenience. The customer is expected to get an idea about the price list of Livpure. Do check it out to get the scenario of the Livpure R O price.

Top Livpure RO Water Purifier Models With Price

The following Livpure purifier list includes both Livpure RO price list and Livpure RO UV price, although the price of the later is much more than the price of the former because the former is just an RO purifier while the later is an RO purifier with UV facilities. The following table mentions those Livpure water purifier models which include Livpure RO, Livpure RO UV water purifier, and also Livpure RO UV of price.

The following prices are of Livpure water purifier online or livpure offline water purifier. If consumers wish to buy water purifiers at a lower cost, buying it online is the best option. The price online is devised after deducting the showroom costs and other additional charges that the middle man includes in his profit. As a result, the prices online are much lesser than the prices available in physical shops. The price of Livpure water purifier will vary from one country to another due to the difference in the economy and of course, due to inflation the prices keep rising. These are all the prices of Livpure RO price in India. These prices might differ from the prices of the same models available in other countries. The list below shows Livpure price in India that will help the clients decide which one they intend to buy. Livpure RO list is expected to be helpful for the consumers. Though, buying Livpure water purifier online is a good option and is highly recommended.

Here we have mentioned some of the top livpure water purifiers models name and its price.

Model  Name

Price  (in rupees)



Envy +


Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier


Livpure Touch 2000 Plus RO Water Purifier


Livpure Eco Touch RO Water Purifier


Livpure Pep Star


Livpure Pep+


Livpure Envy RO Water Purifier


Livpure Glitz Silver RO Water Purifier


Livpure Magna PRO Ro Water Purifier


Livpure UTC Neon RO+ UV + UF+ Taste Enhancer


Livpure Touch Plus Water Purifier


Livpure Pep RO Water Purifier


Livpure Glitz Plus RO Water Purifier



Hope this table of livpure water purifier models with price will help you to get the best water purifier at the lowest price in India. Although the livpure water purifier models and price list may vary.

The above table clearly shows the Livpure RO water purifier price list, which includes Livpure RO price list along with livpure ro+uv+uf+tds price. This has been included to give a prospective customer a good knowledge about the Livpure brand of water purifiers along with a few more details about the products of this company. The model Livpure 2000 plus price is 19,490 in India as can be seen from the above table. This model is one of great importance to the company at large due to the customer base that it has in India. The Livpure RO price is listed to give the consumers a clear idea of the prices of water purifiers that are currently being used here. The price of Livpure RO water purifiers that is listed above has been carefully devised by the Livpure company keeping in mind all the constraints of the Indian population. According to the list given above, the Livpure RO best price is 28,990 rupees which is of the model i-Taste. This one is the best model in this Livpure RO cost and thus, it is also a model that sells the most. Needless to say that the cost is comparatively more but this water purifier stands up to its abilities and proves itself to its customers. Thus, it is one of the most favourite water purifiers available in the country. This has all the necessary Livpure RO features in it. The Livpure RO models are simply amazing, incorporating all the necessary parts required, ensuring safety for all its consumers.

What is the ‘Livpure’ company all about?

Livpure, which is a part of the SAR group whose main motto is to ensure the purity of air and water through its various air and water purifiers. Livpure Pvt. Ltd. is an organization in the Indian corporate world and is one of the most trusted companies producing water purifiers inside India.

It focuses on delivering superior Livpure water purifier models for domestic and commercial use throughout India. Livpure strives to introduce new technologies in water purification area and offer the most excellent choices to the Indian consumer. The Livpure prices in India are set keeping in mind the consumer base here. They research, develop and refine water purification, adding new techniques to better themselves. They maintain high standards of quality and hygiene to avoid any contamination. Each Livpure product is produced and assembled in a safe and protected environment and tested thoroughly at their labs. It is famous for its excellent quality of water purifiers.

What are the best Livpure water purifiers?

The best Livpure water purifier is one that is specific for a customer. The choice of a consumer determines which one is the best and which one is not. The best water purifier Livpure is selected carefully by a customer after he or she has judged the machine with respect to its features and price. The livpure ro+uv+uf+tds water purifier cannot be determined, instead, it depends on factors like the best filtration system, RO membranes, the price and other such details. Also, it depends on the price of the machine. However, Aqua Livpure water purifier is one among the top names among the best livpure water purifier for home. It has been found to be one of the most popular water purifiers among consumers. It has the best price of Livpure water purifier, which is also a leading reason behind its popularity. The price gets a bit lower if you buy Livpure water purifier online. This is because the cost is decided after deducting showroom prices and other extra costs that increase the overall price of water purifiers. Cost of Livpure water purifier, thus, decreases if bought online, the reason being the cut in the showroom cost and the other additional costs that get tagged along if a consumer is buying it from a physical shop, and is highly recommended. The latest Livpure RO water purifier or livpure new model can be checked from their website. All the details regarding the water purifier is available there. Livpure all model or Livpure all models are quite amazing. Their mechanisms are carefully crafted, ensuring the hygiene of the consumer. Their manufacturing is done with a lot of care taken towards ensuring a germ-free environment around them. Livpure Aquaguard price will vary according to the products. The range falls between 1000 rupees and extends to thousands, sometimes to lakhs if the water purifier is a commercial one used in schools, colleges and offices. Livpure best price of water purifier is probably around 1000 rupees, which is also the Livpure lowest price. As is evident, this is an affordable water purifier for people of all class. The company, thus, considers customer service as an important aspect of its business. The Livpure cost is of high importance, as according to it, the superiority of the product will also vary. Livpure best RO is, according to the common poll, one of the best among the other water purifiers available. Livpure 2000 plus price starts from around 14,000 and extends further. According to consumers, it is befitting the title ‘Livpure best water purifier’. However, Livpure RO UV price is the highest among all.

What is the price of Livpure Knight?

Livpure knight price or Livpure knight RO dispenser price varies from one website to another. The Livpure online purchase allows you to see the difference in the prices in various websites, comparing them and helps you determine the ideal deal. Livpure purifier price of the knight is the lowest in Amazon. Find the livpure water purifier all models and livpure water purifier all models with price.

What is the Livpure mineral RO? What are the prices of its variants?

The Livpure mineral RO, which is also termed as Livpure RO mineral water purifier which is Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier is available at the price of 9,999 rupees online in Amazon. The Livpure purifier price of this model is actually 15,990 rupees in the market. But Livpure purifiers become of low cost if bought online due to the cut in the price as the additional costs are absent. Thus, Livpure RO buys online is the best way to buy it because it saves the consumer quite an amount of money. The Livpure RO lowest price is 10,299 rupees which is of the model Livpure Glitz Plus RO Water Purifier. Livpure RO ka expert price can be checked from its website and can be compared with the other water purifiers available. The information about the Livpure ro latest water purifier model is also available on the official website of the Livpure company. Any prospective client wishing to buy it is welcome to go through the information present there.

Where can you find the prices of Livpure water purifiers?

Livpure RO MRP is very much available on its own website and on online sites like Amazon and Flipkart. It is sold widely both online and offline. Livpure RO purifier price may vary a bit on the different websites depending on the seller and the market that the website is providing the seller. Livpure RO rate list has been mentioned above. You can refer to the table given above for a comprehensive report of the various prices of water purifiers.

Where can the Livpure RO specifications be found?

Livpure RO specification can be found on their website. The detail of every product is very well listed, with all the features, prices and availability clearly mentioned. Livpure RO system is the most famous among all the other technologies because of its safe and advantageous technology, and therefore, Livpure RO system price or livpure RO UV UF price is also a bit higher than the rest of the purifiers.

What is the Livpure RO UV UF water purifier?

Livpure RO UV UF water purifier is also a much-desired variety of water purifiers. They are also deemed to be of high demand due to their superior quality. Livpure RO water is definitely better to drink from than from the normally filtered water purifiers. This ensures better health and hygiene of the consumer.

Livpure RO water purifier online is the most profitable way to buy the purifier because of how low its price becomes online. Livpure RO water purifier price list in India is given above, but that may not be it because it sometimes varies with technologies and as we know new models are always coming up with newer technologies. Livpure RO water purifier system is the most advanced technology up till date.

Livpure RO+ UV+ UF+TDS price definitely is a notch higher than just the RO purifiers given their superior quality and use of techniques. These ensure greater safety for the consumer. This is because Livpure RO+ UV+ UF+TDS water purifier incorporates greater technology that was incorporated in the simple RO water purifiers or even in the RO and UV water purifiers. Thus, these are a notch better than the ordinary RO and UV purifiers.

Livpure share price is getting higher day by day. Livpure aims to achieve 1,000 crore sales in the next 4 years through its newly launched product i-Taste. Livpure smart RO price is really important to know for avoiding getting robbed off by the cons waiting out there.

Livpure top model is the Glitz range of water purifiers. These are yet another set of water purifier variants that are very popular with the Indians right now. Livpure UF water purifier is Glitz 7 L model which comes of the price 7,300 in Amazon. The price point is great and is an optimum price for water purifiers. It is best suited for middle-class consumers. You should also know that the livpure ro price list with models & livpure water purifier latest models with price can be searched our website. You can also do livpure water purifier online purchase and livpure water purifier online shopping for our website.

Livpure UTC model, Livpure UTC neon RO + UV + UF+ taste enhancer is an amazing technology which purifies water twice with ultraviolet rays so as to ensure its purity. Livpure UV water purifier price is 8,999 rupees. There are 2 models and both are of the same price. The models are Livpure Glitz UV+UF water purifier.

Livepure water purifier all models are unique and of different technologies. Each range has a definite characteristic that defines the series uniquely. Livpure water purifier and price go hand in hand and has been cleverly decided by the company's working team. This means the better the technology, the newer the model, the higher the price is. However, if it is Livpure water purifier buy online because of how low the price decreases online while the price shoots up if the consumer is buying the same machine from a physical shop.

Livpure water purifier CSD price is around 27,500 rupees. This may vary a bit according to the product selected, as Livpure water purifier features play a vital role in determining the price of the product. Livpure water softener price is 46,190 rupees

Livpure water purifier list is a long list and it gives a wide variety of products. Livpure is a diverse company dealing with a wide range of products. Livpure water purifier price list in India is a bit different from the rest of the world as the price is lessened here a bit due to the varying economy of India. Livpure water purifier price in India is not the same as those in other countries and the credit goes to the fast-changing economy of the country.  Livpure water purifier prices depend, if not solely, then considerably up on the technology and the time in which it is being produced. Livpure water purifier products are definitely the best in all the other categories of the company. Livpure water purifier rate list is determined according to the needs of the consumer.

Livpure water purifier RO is definitely the most amazing variety of the livpure water purifier products. Livpure water purifier specification is given below, at the end of the article. Livpure water purifier types are of- UV, UF, UV + UF, UV + UF + TDS, and many more. The prices vary according to the variant of the water purifier one decides to buy. The price also depends upon the different features and parts the machine contains. Livpure water purifier with the price is listed below along with the Livpure latest water purifier or Livpure RO latest model.

List of Livpure gravity water purifiers

Model  Name

Price(in rupees)

Livpure Brahma Gravity Water Purifier


Livpure Brahma Nat Geo Water Purifier


Livpure fit Gravity Water Purifier


The speciality of gravity water purifiers is that these devices do not use electricity for purification. Instead, it uses activated carbon technology for eliminating microbes and harmful chemical germs and provides you with germ-free safe and pure water. This is comparatively lower in cost than the other purifiers and a very healthy option to consider for your family.

List of Livpure UV water purifiers

Model  Name

Price(in rupees)

Livpure Glitz UV+UF Water Purifier


Livpure Touch UV Water Purifier


The UV water purifiers use ultra violet radiation to eliminate the germs and provide uncontaminated and safe and pure drinking water. Remember, drinking safe and pure water is good for health because water is the most essential thing that our body needs.

List of Livpure commercial RO purifiers

Model  Name

Price(in rupees)

Livpure i50 Commercial RO Water Purifier


Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier


The commercial RO water purifier are the devices which enables 5 stage purification process that includes using activated carbon and advanced RO technology with the technology that can ensure the purification capacity of about 50 liters per hour. Isn’t this just so great! Now, these purifiers can be used in any commercial purposes like in offices or other areas where it is needed.

In the end, most consumers would recommend Livpure water purifier, due to their superior quality and their ability to build trust. The Livpure purifier appeals to the new consumers for its promise of safety and purity. A detailed price list of Livpure water purifier and price list of Livpure RO water purifier is given above. That should be helpful for a prospective customer who us willing to buy a water purifier. Price of Livpure can be known from its website and consumers can also contact them directly. RO water purifier Livpure is the best in the market. Water purifier Livpure price is decided upon what category the consumer chooses. Water purifier RO Livpure definitely meets expectations and beyond.


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