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May   2018

Why Your House Needs a Domestic Water purifier?

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Why Your House Needs a Domestic Water purifier?

Most of the Indian family doesn't understand the importance of the water purifier. Because they are not aware of the bad effect of the impure water. So in this article, I am going to explore the harmful effect of the impure or contaminated water. Water is a natural solvent and most of the substance get dissolved in it due to which water gets polluted. The water pollutant can be physical, biological, and chemical. A contaminated water is responsible for several fatal diseases in India. Out of several dangerous fatal diseases, some are listed here.

Water-Borne Disease in India:

A disease which occurs due to the drinking of impure and contaminated water is called as water-borne disease. Contamination of water can occurs due to the feces of human and animal. In India water-borne disease kills several people every year. A United Nation report says that more than 3 million people in the world lost their lives due to drinking of contaminated or polluted water including more than 1 million children.


  • Cholera:

Cholera is a water-related disease which is diarrheal in nature and kills the infected person within the hour if left untreated. It is caused by a bacterium Vibrio cholerae. This bacterium is mainly present in the food and water contaminated by the feces of a contaminated person. The common source of the Vibro cholerae bacterium in municipal water or ice. Vibro cholerae bacterium releases toxic material in the intestine which causes heavy losses in water from your body.

  • Diarrhea:

Diarrhea is defined as heavily lose in water or watery stool. The most common cause of diarrhea is consumption of water which is contaminated with bacteria, virus, and other micro-organisms. Every year more than 1 lakh people of India die due to diarrheal infection and all over the world this increase up to million.

  • Typhoid Fever:

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which is mainly used by a Salmonella typhi bacteria. The Salmonella typhi bacterium gets deposited in the water bodies or food. Chance of getting typhoid is very high when you drink water which is contaminated by Salmonella typhi bacterium.

  • Dysentery:

Dysentery is a bacterial infection which is caused by the Shigella & Campylobacter. This bacteria entry through the contaminated food and water and mainly affects the intestine and cause swelling. Dysentery mainly occurs due to the consumption of contaminated water or food prepared by contaminated water.

  • Hepatitis:   

It is a viral infection there are five types of hepatitis i.e. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis E. Out of these form of hepatitis two types of Hepatitis (Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis E) occurs due to the drinking of contaminated liquid (mainly water) or consumption of contaminated food.

  • Viral Gastroenteritis:

This disease is mainly occurred by using contaminated food & water. This viral disease mainly affects your intestine resulting in water loss from your body, stomach pain, vomiting, and occasional fever.

  • Amoebiasis:

This infection mainly infects your intestine and caused by the protozoa (a micro-organism). Stomach pain, loose motion, and abdominal cramp are the main symptoms of this infection. Amoebiasis is most common in India.

  • Fluorosis:

In this, your teeth lost its shine. Fluorosis occurs when you consume the high amount of fluorine. Your regular or tap water can be one of the sources of fluorosis.

  • Arsenicosis:

The main region of this disease is arsenic-rich water.  Generally, it has delay health risk.

Why Should You Use Domestic Water Purifier in India:

A World Resource Report Says that approximately 70% of Indian water is contaminated or polluted by the several types of pollutant. According to the UN report, in terms of water quality, India's rank is 120th among 122 nation. About 75% of groundwater is not suitable for the drinking purpose in India. In that case, you and your family are at very much risk in term of water-borne water. So to protect you & your family health from the various harmful effect of polluted water you should have domestic water purifier system in your house. Domestic water purifier treats all types of water pollutant such as physical, chemical, and biological. If you think that boiling can help to remove pollutant from the water then you are not taking water pollutant seriously because there are lots of micro-organisms which can service at high temperature.

Domestic water filter plant/machine are based on trusted technology such as reverse osmosis, UV-rays. Reverse osmosis is the trusted methods for the treatment of water pollutant from more than 50 years. So you can trust the water output of domestic water purifier treatment system. A domestic water filter has several stages of water purification such as sedimentation/spun filter, activated carbon filter, silver coated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV-rays purification, TDS controller, re-mineralization, and etc.

Types of Domestic Water Filter:

Mainly four types of domestic water filter are present in the market. These are given below

  • Gravitational Domestic Water filter:

This is the simplest domestic water purifier. Gravitational domestic water filter uses sediment or sediment plus activated carbon filter to remove sand, mud, some chemical, and microbial contamination as well. This form of domestic water purifier does not use electricity to filter out your regular water. A Gravitational domestic water system has inbuilt two storage tank to store pure water.

  • Reverse Osmosis Domestic Water filter:

It is clear from the name that reverse osmosis (RO) domestic water filter is based on the reverse osmosis process. A reverse osmosis process is just opposite the simple osmosis process. A simple osmosis is defined as the flow of solvent molecules from a low concentration of solute to the high concentration of solute whereas in reverse osmosis flow of solvent (water) from the high concentration of solute to the low concentration of solute. This technique is the best method to removes all impurities present in it especially total dissolved salts (TDS).

  • UV-Domestic Water Purifier:

This form of domestic water purifier is used to removes the biological contamination present in your regular water. UV-rays suspend or kill the growth of the micro-organism present in water to produce the biological contamination free water. A UV-domestic water purifier is designed to remove only biological contamination from the water and don't deals with the other contamination present in the water.

  • RO+UV Domestic Water Purifier:

There is an advance domestic water purifier available in the market which is based on the both RO & UV technology (RO+UV domestic water purifier). The RO+UV domestic water purifier is effective for the removal of all types of contamination.

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