Connection Between Dehydration And Heart Diseases

Water is an essential element of human life as the human body contains more than 65% of the water in its body. Water participates in almost all the functions of the human body, like removing waste material, digestion of food, normal functioning of brains, and many others. And this is why our elders and medical professional recommended us to drink more and a sufficient amount of water.

How Dehydration Affects Your Heart Health?

Drinking water is also essential for the heart, and in this article, our primary focus is on how dehydration affects your heart health. As we all know, the heart is our vital organ, and it pumps blood throughout the body, including our brain. Human blood contains about 80-90% of water; thus, we need to drink water regularly so that blood can move quickly.

When you consume less water or are in a dehydration state, your blood becomes thicker, and in that case, faces issues while pumping it or your heart needs to perform harder to pump blood throughout the body. In this conditioner, the heart rate increases, which causes an irregular heartbeat or pulse.

Dehydration not only makes your blood thicker but also makes your blood vessels walls constrict, which can cause hypertension or high blood pressure, and increase increases the strain on your heart. Regular and prolonged dehydration leads to buildup plaques in the arteries and ultimately leads to the particle or complete blockage of the arteries, causing a heart attack. Thicker blood can also form blood clots, and if the blood clots block the blood to reach your brain, then this condition leads to the stroke.

Thus it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of water regularly so that the adequate hydration of the blood remains maintained because it such a situation, your heart works well, and the proper amount of oxygen and nutrition can be reached to each cell of the body.

How Much Water Is Enough?

There are old wives' tales that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily regularly. That is about 3-4 liters; it is pretty good. But not all people's body requirements; thus, different people need to drink the additional amount of water daily regularly.

Most women need to drink 2.5- 3 liters of water, but men need to drink a comparatively high amount of water as men tend to have more muscles, which contain more water than the fat. This amount can be higher if you perform the intense exercise and live in a warmer climate or high altitude. Thus you need to understand you need so that you can consume a sufficient amount of water.

Suppose you regularly consume high blood pressure medication or consuming any diuretic medicine. In that case, you need to communicate with the doctor to ensure that you are drinking enough water. Although you can also check that you consume enough water or not, the simplest way to prevent this is your urine color. In case of normal condition, urine should be light yellow, but you need to consume more water in the case of dark-colored urine. There are various signs and symptoms of dehydration, and to know more about it, you can visit "What Is Dehydration And Ill Effect Of Dehydration”?

What Else Can You Consume Beside Water?

Water is the best thing you can drink because it has no calories, and it can fill you up, but you can also drink those fluids that contain a high concentration of water, and it will be considered your daily count of water intake.

The only exception is a beverage which acts as diuretics like alcohol and caffeinated beverage like tea, coffee, and soda. But you can consume herbal tea as it is caffeinated free. You can also consume sport dink as it also contains electrolytes; thus, it can be suitable for those you perform intense workout or physical activities. But keep in mind sports drink also contains sugar.

Keep Your Heart Healthy?

The heart is one of the vital organs. Without it, life is not possible; thus, maintaining its health is crucial; hence, eating plenty of water or fluid containing a high concentration of water every day regularly. Drinking a sufficient amount of water makes sure that your hydration level is maintained, and the hydrated heart is happy, and it means that it will pump blood properly.

But before you drink water, make sure that your water is contamination free, pure, and healthy as drinking water contaminated water may cause various kinds of water related diseases. Thus always consider drinking contamination free water. For this, you can install a water purifier at your home. You can follow our best water purifier buying guide as this will help you get the best water purifier for your home in India.

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