Complex Spare Parts To Make Your Water Purifier Effective

A water purifier is made of complex spare parts which effectively removes the contamination present in water. It is a water purifier's spare parts, which makes it effective against various kinds of water contamination present in water. 

Although a water purifier contains various complex spare parts like RO membrane here, we have listed a few essential spare parts of the water purifier which are


The electric booster pump increases the water purifier production rate. The electric pump uses the energy of drain water flow from a reverse osmosis system as leverage to push the purified water into the storage tank. We provide you the best and high-quality pump. Here we not only offer a new pump but also include repair and maintenance of the RO pump.

Flow Restrictor

A flow restrictor restricts the flow of RO rejected water. The RO water purifier flow restrictor maintains the high pressure inside the RO membrane by creating back pressure on the membrane, and it also controls the recovery ratio of the purifier. If you are looking for the flow restrictor, then here we offer the best and high-quality flow restrictor.

The flow restrictor is essential for the RO water purifier because, in lack of flow restrictor, the high-pressure water coming in from the booster pump will flow unrestricted from the reject outlet of the RO membrane. As a result, there is low pressure inside the RO membrane.


The RO water purifier cover has not great importance in water purification, but it protects your water purifier outer body from getting dusty. Thus for this, you need to buy a good quality water purifier cover. But only buying a cover is not enough; you also need to wash it regularly at least one time in a week. We have all kinds of water purifiers cover in various designs and colors.


The primary and crucial task of the candle is to eliminate the contamination, especially bacteria and other pathogens, which is fulfilled by the most kinds of filters. Several reports say that in removing pesticides, the efficiency of the candle filter is 53% to 99%. Candle filters can remove chlorine and E.coli bacteria by up to 99%. Thus a candle filter is essential to spare parts of the RO water purifier.

Inlet Valve

Inlet valve is the entry site through with the water enters into the RO water purifier. Thus it is used to connect RO/UV water purifiers with the water tap. Here at RO Care India, we manufacturer standard quality material with the help of advanced technology. We understand the importance of having the right quality inlet valve; thus, we manufacturer non-toxic, easy to fit, and corrosion resistance inlet valve.


It is a simple, modular filter that is inserted into a water purifier and can be used to eliminate particle, or sometimes chemicals, from the water. Cartilage filters can be composed of several materials.

RO Membrane

The membrane used in RO water is called a RO membrane. This membrane is selective. Its pore size lies in nanometers. Here at RO Care India, we offer the best and minds blowing offer at RO membrane price. Our RO membrane price has been created by keeping in mind the customer needs and requirements thus available at the best and economical price.

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