ETP Plant: Working And Advantage

ETP is one of the best methods to eliminate industrial effluent. The ETP full form is the effluent treatment plant. It is one of the best wastewater treatment plants which has significant importance in industries. And ETP plant eliminated almost all kinds of contamination and made water safe to reuse it for additional purposes.

Wastewater treatment is one of the crucial steps for the betterment of society and the human future; thus, this should be taken seriously. And installation of effluent treatment plant can be the best option among all the wastewater treatment plant. And it is mainly used by leading companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to eliminate all the contamination such as toxic and non-toxic material present in the water. The various company also uses this plant for environmental protection.

Stages OF Effluent Treatment Plant

Below are the different stages of the effluent treatment plant.

·Primary Filtration

This is of the first stage of the effluent treatment plant. In this stage, effluent comes from different industries and undergoes primary filtration to remove the solids waste particle present in the water.

·Cooling And Mixing

In this stage of effluent treatment plant process, the effluent of different industries are mixed and then it is allowed to cool down with the help of the motor, which enables the fan to run. After that, the mixed effluent in transferred into the neutralization tank with the help of the pump.

·Neutralization Tank

Once the mixed and cool effluent enters into the neutralization tank, the acid-alkali is mixed together to neutralize the effluent. To check the pH, the neutralized tank is equipped with a pH meter.

·Coagulant Bath

When the effluent got neutralized, it transferred into the coagulant bath wherein the effluent coagulant is added.

·Settling Tank

In this stage, effluent got settled down in the bottom of the settling tank like a sludge.

·Pressure Filer

In the pressure filter, effluent filtration is done under pressure. A certain amount of pressure is created for the filtration of the water in the pressure filter.

·Carbon Filtration

The carbon filter is an optional filtration process in the ETP plant.

·Discharge To Drain

After all the process water is now completely ready for the drain out, now it is safe for the environment because it is entirely free form all kinds of contamination.

Benefits Of Using Effluent Treatment Plant

There are several benefits of using effluent treatment plant. Here are some of the crucial which will not only help the environment but also helps the industries to hike their revenue. An ETP plant is essential for both middle and larger sized industries because of its ability to dispose of the effluent generated by the companies.

There are several checks which ensure that your industry water is safe to discharge; thus, the effluent treatment plant is necessary as it ensures that your industry water is safe for the discharge. But without the help of the ETP plant, this is very tough. Along with this, some other benefits of an ETP plant are:

·Provide Clean And Reusable Water

Leading companies manufacture ETP plant, and all of them ensure that you will get pure and clean water. Before the introduction of ETP plant, most of the people were not aware of the fact that the contaminated water can be reused. But an ETP plant removes most of the toxic and non-toxic material to generate pure and clean water; thus, the treated water can be used properly.


As compare to another effluent treatment plant the cost of the ETP plant is comparatively very low. This installation of this plant can be cost-effective for the industries.

·Environmental Friendly

An effluent treatment plant removes all the contamination from the water, either it is toxic or non- toxic. Thus when the water discharge it gets mixed with the water bodies or soil, leaving no adverse effect on the planet. Due to these features, the ETP plant is the bone for the industry owner.

·Save Water

Yes, and ETP plant saves water. In the effluent treatment plant process, water is getting wholly pure and clean; thus, it can be reused. Thus it helps us to save water as well as save money. With the help of an ETP plant, contaminated water can be reused at both domestic and industrial level.

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

The effluent treatment plant manufacturer design ETP plant by using various innovative and advanced technology so that all kinds of contamination can be easily removed. Most of the manufacturer first analyze the effluent sample of the different industries and then design the best system so that the ETP plant give desirable result.

Our ETP plant or compact, tailor-made designs, and energy-efficient. The up-gradation and slight modification in the exiting ETP system are possible to achieve the limiting standard laid down by the PCB, i.e., Pollution Control Board.

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