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Aquaguard Customer Care Uit Bhiwadi- Call at Aquaguard RO Customer Care Toll Free and Helpline Number for Any Complaints and Queries

Aquaguard Customer Care Uit Bhiwadi- Call at Aquaguard RO Customer Care Toll Free and Helpline Number for Any Complaints and Queries

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Aquaguard Customer Care Uit Bhiwadi

Nowadays most of the household have access to water purifiers. The water that enters your household is no longer clean and healthy to drink directly. They are filled to the brim with impurities, bacteria and other chemical impurities. If you are conscious about the health of your family, then you know how essential water purifiers are nowadays. When you are buying water filters, you are often recommended to do support at regular intervals.

There are many reasons as to why your water purifier could stop working. Your RO water purifier is a machine, and you cannot expect it to provide you with consistent best results at a row. To obtain that there are many cautions you have to take. From maintenance to Aquaguard Customer Care water quality, there are many things you have to consider while purchasing. Here are a few reasons as to why your water purifier could get faulty or stop working altogether.

Aquaguard Customer care Uit Bhiwadi

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  • Unavailability of Power: No water purifier can work without power supply. The Aquaguard toll free number cannot do anything about it as the main problem lies with your power supply. Check whether the cord or the plug of the water filter is correctly and tightly attached or not. Use a tester if necessary to see whether there is enough power or not and would that be sufficient for the switching of the water filter or not. Check for connections and know whether they are loose or not. This is not the fault of the filter, but nevertheless, many households suffer through this problem.


  • Lack of Water Supply: Aquaguard toll free no water filter may not always work if there is a shortage of water supply. There is a diverter valve that is present for every water filter. It is important that you check whether water is not entering the filter because it could happen that some tap is closed. Attaching all the pipelines to the filter is very important; otherwise, the water filter would automatically switch off. But you could call the service people if you think you would not be able to solve the problem all by yourself.

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  • Pressure Pump Malfunctioning: Malfunctioning of the water pump is one of the main reasons why water filter stops working. If the pressure is not correct, then the filters would stop working, and there would be no entry of water. You should know that you have to apply pressure on the RO system so that the RO system starts working. This pumps if fail to do their work once, you cannot repair them. Usually, mechanics would advice you to install anew pump. If continuously the pump is malfunctioning then you should keep in mind that your water filter might face some damage. Changing water pumps is an expensive affair; therefore make sure that you put careful attention while you are using the water filter.


  • Float Valve Malfunctioning: The main function of the float valve is that it stops the flow of water once the internal tank has been filled to its brim. This prevents the water from flowing and causing any damage to the electrical part of the machine or causing a mess inside your household. aquaguard contact number water purifiers might face a situation where the float valve stops working. If this happens then, the entire water filter will stop working, and you would not be able to get pure and clean drinking water. Thus if you see that the float valve is not working immediately call the mechanic.

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  • Air Vacuum Present inside the Filter: If somehow the taps and the pipes are not fit properly, there could be a danger of air vacuum. In this way, the flow of water stops completely. Try to avoid this kind of a situation if possible. Usually, the person who is installing your water filter would make sure that no such occasion arises. If air vacuum is created then water will not enter the Aquaguard water purifier Customer Care RO water filter.    

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These are some of the main reasons why your water filter might stop working without any prior intimation. While buying the water filter makes sure that they are of a quality product. aquaguard customer care provides you with the service that would make sure that you get healthy and pure drinking water every time. Hence contact Customer support for water purifier related services at aquaguard helpline number.


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